Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Over the moon

I cannot wait until spring break next week, because I have a project called "operation get a better grade on my next Nrsg-240 class on Monday the 28th". 

If you're following along with my blog you would've read that I got a bad test score and felt so deflated and humiliated after that test that I asked for advice. 
Thankfully to my rescue rnraquel and It's just me :) told me of a book I should check out from Amazon called Test Success Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students.  So I bought it used for $.66 plus $3.99 for S/H.
I have to say that I'm thinking this book will tell me of common sense techniques that are really going to help me. 

I'll also be studying for an exam in Pharmacology and two papers that are due the week after break as well.

I'm ecstatic about not having class and I took a few hours of vacation from work too, so outside of this school work that I'll be working on, I'll also be doing some of the following:
-Reading other books for fun
-Watching one movie per day for all 7 days
-After my daily run at the gym, I'm going to treat myself to sitting in the hot tub
-Paint my nails different crazy colors
-Sleep in
-Driving to eastern Wisconsin to meet up with my mom and sisters for lunch at Olive Garden
-Eat "some" junk food (ok maybe more than just some :-))

This is just to name a few, but most importantly I'm going to charge myself to get a better grade on this next exam, I'm shooting for middle to high 90th percentile. 

If I get 100% then that would put me over the moon!!! 


  1. Can't wait to see ya sunday for the junk food! I hope you can enjoy your spring break!

  2. The thing with nursing school tests are that they are no longer simply knowledge based questions. They are generally all very correct answers with application being the priority. Usually in first semester you can generally narrow down because based on knowledge there are generally two that you can throw right out. Then its down to applying that knowledge. 1st think ABC's, then Maslow. When you do any NCLEX questions read the rational, look at the type of questions, Analysis and Application are the majority of the ones you need to focus on. If you ace the knowledge questions and stumble on the application, then practice those. It will click !! You'll get it.

  3. You will find that the more exams you do the better you get at it.

    I actually started enjoying taking exams - looking forward to them.

    You have the right attitude: Moving on...looking forward -


  4. I looove that book!
    Have fun on spring break!

  5. ugh... i just had a pharm test 2 days ago and totally bombed it. :( i've never done so bad in a test before. so i can totally relate to you with your last test score and how you felt. is pharm easy for you?

    anyway i hope you enjoy your spring break! and thanks for stopping by my blog. happy to meet a 1st semester student just like me. :)

  6. Dominique - you crack me up, girl you know I can't wait to see y'all on Sunday to catch up and of course eat some yummy food.
    Christine - you're always so good about advice on what to do when I get to studying. Thank you for reminding me of the ABC's and Maslow's Theory.
    CC - I can only hope and pray that some day I'll be excited and look forward to taking tests.
    rnraquel - I hope I love this book as much as you do. I also hope to have an awesome Spring Break!!
    Grace - Pharm is much easier than my other foundational class because it's cut and dry and for each med there is adverse reactions,therapies, and what the nurse should be looking for. We have a great instructor and an easy to follow book.
    It's nice to see other students who are in the same place as I am so I'm always looking for advice.