Monday, March 14, 2011

Ethical decision paper coming right up.

I have an ethical paper to type up and the length has to be between 6-10 pages, due two weeks from today.  My ethical dilemma is going to be about a drug seeking women, who visits her local ER often for narcotics.  She will make another trip to the ER but this time her illness is for real, she's in extreme pain with an ectopic pregnancy and the staff isn't taking her seriously.  The ethical decision lays with the nurse who believes the women is truly in pain and her decision of having to go against the doctor and nursing supervisor to get tests run on the patients serious condition and deciding on whether she should be reporting her co-workers for negligence. 

My problem is the fact that I'm not motivated to write the stinking paper.  It's another partnered paper and we have to include the steps in the Ethical Decision Making Model from our textbook.  My first paragraph has to explain the decision making model and the provisions of nursing, then I have to write up the fake scenario.  I'd rather be reading my blog than doing school work, oh any my spring break starts next week, I'd rather work on it then.


  1. I'm struggling to write a similar paper about a crazy mom and family-centered care...but I'm doing a pretty good job of procrastinating it.

  2. thank goodness there wasn't such a thing as blogging when I was in nursing school...I would have NEVER completed anything to do with my nursing classes... :)

    Try and do a little bit each day..... ?
    Taking small bites, you can actually eat a whole elephant!

  3. Nurse-to-be - I'm more of a procrastinator than I admit; I wrote one word of the intro and stopped, saving the rest for later this week since I can.

    CC - that is so funny, that saying about eating the whole elephant one bite at a time has been my motto this semester and will probably be with me until I graduate. I think I'm going to print off a gigantic picture of an elephant and section it off with as many semesters as I have left and can peel off one chunk at a time.

  4. Good luck!!!! You can do it!!!! You have lots of cheerleaders :)

  5. Sounds like a Grey's Anatomy episode! Oh I love your picture by the way, how pretty!