Monday, February 28, 2011

What on Earth is Going on Here?

70% = 35/50 that means I got 15 wrong on my big 7 credit foundational class exam today.  I tried to hold in my disappointment but my fellow classmates could see through my disguise, at first a few people were staring at me because they thought I was going to cry but I didn't. 

After asking around, others had scores just as low as mine but not many.  I have a meeting set up tomorrow to talk to a few of my classmates who scored in the 90’s to hear some better studying techniques because I'm sure my way if flawed. 

Later I saw my hubby and my tummy did a flip and I explained to him my score and problem with the test.  He tried to talk to me about it, but at one point I got frustrated and just threw up my hands in the air and let the tears flow. 

Then that nasty negative self doubt started creeping in and I started feeling like I knew I wasn't cut out for this nursing school adventure.  I was thinking I have no business taking these classes and trying to "fool" myself into thinking I should be a nurse. 

Finally with red rimmed eyes I talked to my oldest sister tonight on the phone and she yanked me from my sinking ship and slapped me back into reality telling me that this one test doesn't define me and to get over it.  She gave me another studying technique for next time and told me that some nurses are just better with patients than they are with getting every right answer on a test. 

I love my sister, especially when she had the right thing to say at the right time!


  1. I could have written this post 3 weeks ago. Word for word. Failed first exam, initial shock, some classmates right there with me, a lot did so much better, tears, feelings of "why in the hell am I doing this?!?" Although I wasn't able to snap out of it as quickly as you's been 3 weeks and my confidence is still pretty shaken and I'm still wondering if I'll make it past this semester.

    I won't toss out worn cliches like "Oh you'll do better the next time!!" because if you're like me, those well-meaning words just won't help. I will say you aren't alone. Sometimes that can help, knowing you're not the only one dealing with this. :-)

  2. Hey! I can certainly relate. My first test went poorly, and I had several I-want-to-quit moments. After my first test, I went to the instructor, who told me about this book.

    I went through it over the course of several days, and it helped me a lot. NCLEX exam books help too, not just with content, but with the form and wording of these questions. Nursing exam questions are different from any other field! They can definitely take some getting used to.
    You are absolutely not alone.

  3. I think you have to hold on to the fact you got in. You beat goodness knows how many others for your place. Your school decided you have what it takes and you should put a little faith in their belief that you are up to the task :)

    This is a new way of learning for you to get used to, so don't be too tough on yourself just yet!

  4. I second the book rnraquel recommended. Also by the same people is "Fundamentals Success" which is just as good. It is all set up by system so you can focus on whatever you need at the time and gives rationales for the correct answers. Both of them have really helped me with studying and understanding concepts.

    ((HUGS)) I'm glad your sister was able to say the right things. Hang in there girl. :)

  5. Let me just start by saying thank you to all of you who are sooo awesome with great advice! I’m grateful I have my blog life to be a helpful resource with this crazy Nursing school endeavor.

    Kendra – I know right?? What the heck went wrong? I even pulled my other classmates aside and asked their studying techniques. Now I have something “new” to try. I think the area where I scored the worse was with the Clinical Decision Making Process. Ugh.

    rnraquel – Thank you so much for the advice for that book, I just purchased it from Amazon. Too bad you can’t get a kickback from Amazon for referring it to me. :-)

    Absentbabinski – I love that you added yet, haha. Well I better get use to this testing quick, my pride is getting hurt.

    Itsjustme – Thanks for your encouragement and recommendation on the other book and I may just try it after I give the first book a chance. We’ll see how it all pans out, my sister a great motivator.