Monday, March 28, 2011

Increased by 14

Woo hoo people, after taking my big exam this morning that I studied for during my "spring break", I have officially increased by 14 percentage points from the last exam!
Oh boy it feels so great to get a better grade indeed!  Thank you Lord for helping me stay focused on what's really important and not worry about the small stuff.

Also not to forget to mention, that my partner and I delivered a stellar presentation on Protein to our fourth grade classmates, which included making "ants on a log" and was received well by everyone.  We got an A on that presentation and lesson plan!


  1. Good going !!!
    :) May it continue to be more of the same! :)

  2. Yeah good job and did you give out free samples?

  3. That's great Rach! Hey in your new pic I can't see your face, it's nice to see your stethscope but be even nicer to see your face. ;0)

  4. Thanks CC I hope so too.
    NPO, you're darn tooting I did. We had everyone make their own "ants on a log" to which they did.
    Thanks rnraquel, I feel great!
    Dome, I didn't like how the rest of the picture looked, yet I liked the professionalism of it though and that’s what I chose to crop around. :-)

  5. Awesome!!!! Congrats on doing so well, you're hard work is obviously paying off!