Thursday, March 24, 2011

Teaching/Lesson Plan Done

My partner and I had to create and type up a teaching plan about the importance of eating protein and how it helps the body, our target audience are 4th graders. 
Our objectives are easy and attainable using a cognitive portion, an affective portion, and our demonstration shows the psycho-motor portion including assembling "ants on a log".

This awesome poster board was created by yours truly:

We rocked the creation of this project and will follow through with a 12-minute demonstration on Monday morning.  I'll update again on Monday afternoon to fill you in on how the demonstration worked out, along with how I did on that terribly scary exam I've been talking about the past week.


  1. Wow! great job! I really like it

  2. Cute poster, you should bring along some fun protein to add with it. A visual and then you can eat when your done. ;0)