Friday, March 18, 2011

Freedom Is Mine!

Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I’m free at last, at least for the next week from school that is for spring break :-)
I have such great plans, and part of what I’m planning to do is catch up on reading all the blog entries from my peeps that I’m following and the other excitement comes from being able to blog a few entries of my own this week.

Tonight the plan is to watch some college basketball on tv with my hubby, super exciting.  I have to work an 8hour shift tomorrow but that won’t be too hard.
Next weekend I’m thrilled to be going with my hubby to a love and respect marriage conference at our church, sounds really therapeutic.

I don’t know if you people have noticed the ticker on the right side of my blog page here but I am technically now 799 days away from graduating!  Wow I can taste the freedom of school now.  I can actually start seeing the slow glow of a light at the end of the tunnel.  Woot woot!

So this week we wrapped up the Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular assessment today which included being touched skin-on-skin for the 5 points on the chest for cardiac sounds, including palpation and inspection of the PMI.  Here’s a word for the wise, for all of you beginning nursing students who haven’t started taking classes yet, if you think that during your class you will be feeling a manikin for assessment time only, think again.  Nursing is not for the shy or timid, but like most things if it doesn’t break you it will make you stronger.  I completely enjoyed my partner because she is cool (aka the one I blogged about earlier that I have a girl crush on that’s totally non sexual) and I like her sense of humor and we get things done well, great chemistry if you will!

I have a great big bunch of studying to do over spring break but that’s okay because I’m choosing to do it.  And like I said before and I’ll say again that I’m going to rock this big test on Monday the 28th for my foundational class along with rocking out another big exam on Thursday the 31st for Pharm.  By the way I received back a near perfection paper that I wrote for the foundations class and have gotten some of my dignity back and it feels fantastic. 

Have a fabulous weekend to you all out there in blog-land because I know I’m going to have a great one!


  1. I hope you have a great spring break and enjoy reconnecting with your husband!!!

  2. I'm on spring break too! Yahoo! I'll have to use some of my minutes up to chit chat while the kids are in school, unless we talk it all up on sunday!

  3. Enjoy your break! I know mine has been wonderful, just taking my mind off of school for a whole week. I'm hoping I'm now recharged to get through the next 6 weeks :-)

    And yes, Health Assessment is quite hands-on! My partner for the first few weeks of Assessment lab was my guy friend...our instructor switched us up for Pulmonary, Cardio, and Abdominal weeks, just due to the "getting to know you REAL well" aspect of!

  4. Go have some fun! BTW the Love and Respect thing is great, very illuminating.