Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update: Fifty Shades of Grey

Just wanted to post an update to the book Fifty Shades of Grey, I ended up returning the book after my inner spiritual battle won out.  Also I was sent a private email from a dear trusted friend urging me to read the following blog post regarding why not to read Fifty Shades of Grey.  

I encourage you all to read this blog posting, because after reading the main points on why NOT to read this book I couldn’t have put pen to paper better than the author was able to, with explaining why I have no interest in this book. 

Thanks for all your comments either for or against the book and God bless your own spiritual journeys.


Last night I worked overnight, and boy was it busy.  I helped deliver two babies that were healthy and happy.  The downer to my job is when I work at night there isn’t any housekeeping on our unit.  So after each birth my job shifts to cleaning up the mess.  Blood, puke, amniotic fluid spills, you name it I’m either wiping or mopping it all up.  Top to bottom, left to right, including the bathroom.  Sometimes the nursing staff helps but not often. 

Last week one of the nurses made a comment when she was helping me “I’m an expensive housekeeper”, she said.  Then she walked out of the room.  I literally was looking around left and right to see if she meant the comment towards me, or if she was just airing out her frustrations.  She must have just been frustrated because she didn’t come back to help me finish cleaning the room. 

Listen the last time I looked I wasn’t hired to be a housekeeper either but you have to do what you have to do to get the job done.  If you leave a mess until housekeeping comes in the morning, you lose out on admissions coming to your floor, not ideal if you want to stay busy working all night.  If that means you spend a little time cleaning than by all means get a rag and put some elbow grease to action. 

In her defense, she did have a lot of charting to do but still why say something like that and then walk out of the room?  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fifty Shades of WHAT?

I’m not really trying to hold myself up on a high horse or anything, but I just wasn’t that interested in reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.  Both my siblings have read the first book in the series but after hearing them talk about how descriptive this book is, I wasn’t all that eager to run out and buy it.  In fact I’ve never mentioned the book to my hubby at all which is why I was quite surprised when he presented me the book today as a gift.  He told me it came highly recommended from his friend.  I, on the other hand, had mixed emotions upon receiving it.  I mean I’m grateful for any gift my super cute and wonderful hubby has to offer so that part was terrific, but I’ve heard this book has some disturbing content that I wasn’t all that crazy about reading in the first place.  It would be different if I was whining and walking around the house dropping hints that I wanted this book but I wasn’t, so I’m quite reserved after getting it. 

The question is do I read it?

Friday, July 20, 2012


Guess what makes a sucky work day, but not as sucky as being reallocated to work on another floor?  Imagine if you expected to work at 0630 to 1430 on a Friday and expected to have Saturday off, only to get all the way to work (7 mins) to find out you actually are scheduled to work 1830 to 0630 that Friday night and go back and do it all over again on Saturday night?  Well that’s what happened to me this morning?!!  Huh?!  How does that happen??  Well it turns out it was all my fault, you see, because I don’t have a set schedule I pick up shifts here and there and finalize after many back-and-forth emails with my manager the final schedule.  However I transfer these entire schedule changes from rough drafts to final drafts to my planner by writing it in by hand, and I guess I missed this weekend by a long shot. 

What makes it the suckiest is I was looking forward to enjoying my Saturday off from work with my hubby and kids, and sometimes it’s nice to just have the same day off on the weekends.

Oh well, enough complaining and I better get back to my beauty sleep before I have to be awake all night.  

Here’s hoping y’all have a better weekend!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

100 Best of 2012: Nurse Practitioner Round-Up

Last week I received an email stating that I was up for nomination at being recognized by Online Nurse Practitioner, which is a website dedicated to current and prospective nursing students and nurse practitioners. This company went on to state that through their own research, and for the benefit of their audience, they were in the process of developing a round-up that gathers the best online resources, practices, and businesses both for and by nurse practitioners. Some of the categories they wanted to recognize included:

·                 Private Practices owned by nurse practitioners
·                 Blogs authored by nurses and nurse practitioners
·                 Resources for NP students (this is the one where my blog falls under)
·                 Resources for NP professionals
·                 Entrepreneurs in the field of Nursing

Well this afternoon I’m pleased to announce that my blog made it into the final listing published as #58 out of the: 100 Best of 2012: Nurse Practitioner Round-Up.  You can view this on their website.

They also created this neat badge that I’m going to try to find a way to incorporate on the side of my blog: 

Well I’m pleased to be thought of and chosen, so a BIG sincere thank you goes out to Online Nurse Practitioner!  (Disclaimer:  This is NOT a paid sponsorship by Online Nurse Practitioner, I'm just honored to be mentioned and thought I'd share with you all.)

Zippered Lined Pouch Tutorial

While in high school I loved home economics and my favorite part was sewing.  I learned how to sew basic things like pillows and boxer shorts, and then as I progressed throughout the years I learned to make outfits like a romper pant suit such as this one: 

I would help some of my friends by taking in the sides of some of their gowns for dances like Homecoming or Prom.  As the years moved on, I loved making toddler outfits for my kids especially their Halloween costumes (much more cost effective too).
I’m in need of a new sewing machine because the one I’m currently using is on its last leg, but I continue using it for small projects.  Lately I’ve been seeing blogs like So Sew Something where Robie Kaye Dodson makes projects like a zippered lined pouch, which then in turn inspired me to make something similar like this rendition of my own zippered lined pouch.
Here is my step-by-step tutorial of how to make a Zippered Lined Pouch inspired by Robie Kaye Dodson at So Sew Something
How to Make a Lined Zipper Pouch – without using a pattern! (disclaimer:  most of this tutorial was verbatim by Robie's blog posting)

First I started with my zipper and because I didn’t buy one from the store I recycled one from another outfit.  Mine just so happened to be 14 inches or so and I would suggest using a zipper that is about 1-2 inches longer on either side of the fabric square you choose.
Now you'll want to pick whichever fabric that makes your heart sing, and I just so happened to have these alternating patterns on hand.  I chose to cut mine in sections about 12 inches square (all the same size), and there are four squares here (two in each color), my outside fabric is the pink with green polka dots and lining is the green color.

Now here's where you want to pay close attention - you're going to be layering, and the order is very important.  Start by placing one piece of your OUTER FABRIC face up.  Then along the upper width, place your zipper wrong side up and centered over the fabric.  In my picture you can't see the zipper pull but it's facing down.

Now take one of your lining pieces, and lay it on top of the zipper and outer fabric.  You'll want all three pieces (outer fabric, zipper, lining fabric) to align at the very top.  You can pin if you prefer.  Now sew the two fabric pieces to the zipper.

This is what it should look like when you open up to view the zipper, one piece of fabric on either side of the zipper.  Good!

Okay the next step is pretty critical you'll want to lay the remaining OUTER FABRIC piece face up.  Turn your sewn section over so that the zipper pull is now on the opposite side but still facing down.  Place the remaining LINING fabric on top of the entire set, face down.  Look closely at the picture from Robie's blog posting because I forgot to take a picture of mine.  You'll be aligning the two remaining fabric pieces at the top of the zipper, while the pieces already sewn are dangling down a bit in the middle of the fabric sandwich.
Once you sew up the second side to the zipper, you'll have something that looks like this.  Both OUTER FABRIC pieces on one side and the LINING pieces on the other, right sides facing each other.

Once again I inserted a picture of Robie's next step here because I didn't take a picture of this next important step.  Lay out your pouch with the two sides separated.  UNZIP THE ZIPPER ABOUT HALFWAY (very important).  Overlap the opening ends of the zipper just a bit.  Now, sew a continuous seam all the way around the entire project - beginning with the lining and LEAVE AN OPENING for turning.

Another important step I didn't picture, thank you Robie for taking the best picture of clipping the excess off the zipper at the sides, and then turning the pouch right side out by pulling everything through the opening.  Use a pair of scissors to poke out the corners of the outer fabric.

Sew up the opening and clip your frayed thread.  Then tuck that little lining into your pouch.

And you've got the finished product that has an awesome lining with a zipper to open and close should look like this:

Mine turned out just big enough to slip my Kindle and charging cord into.

Here's to hoping you can make your pouch just as fun and easy as mine was!
It actually took me longer to write this post then it did to make the project!  In all the project took approximately 30 minutes (my first time ever making one of these) and on Robie's blog she reassures us that future pouches we make will take even less time then that.  
The cost was zero for me because I had all material at my home and I recycled my own zipper.  I'm sure the zipper in the store would cost $1-2 and the material would be under a dollar for all, especially if you purchased from the clearance pre-cut pieced bin.  
Happy Sewing to you

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eye Problems

This morning after getting back from training for the Dirty Girl Mud Run coming up on 8/4, I noticed something wrong with my vision.  It’s the weirdest thing; I’m having difficulty seeing clearly.  When I’m looking straight ahead my central vision looks distorted, like a prism of diamonds in a wavy line mixed with the effect you get before you’re about to pass out where you start to see stars in the corners of your eyes, it starts off small and then expands covering my entire line of sight.  I can see through it, but yet it blocks my vision at the same time not allowing me to read or focus on things.  This has happened a few times in the last couple months, but only after working on my feet for 12 hours so I related it to being eye strain or fatigue.  Today it totally caught me off guard because all I did was run/walk 3.1 miles and watch my daughter get a haircut and then boom- it happened.  It’s not depilating to where I can’t drive but it’s awfully annoying trying to talk to someone looking them in the face or watching TV or even the computer screen.  I usually can’t read the words on the TV if there’s an infomercial showing.  The whole vision issues lasts approximately 15-20 minutes before my vision clears again and I’m back to normal.  It’s freaking me out, and I hope this doesn’t lead to me losing my eye sight!  Anybody ever hear of something like this or personally suffer from the same thing?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Peppy Gliding

Must be something in the air, but I swear everyone was clicking their call light this morning at work.  One person kept asking me for the silliest things, like “can you hand me my cell phone?”, or “can you find where I put my tissue?”  Clearly these things aren’t my first priorities especially when said person was in isolation but never the less I continued caring for this individual and all my patients today with a happy pep in my step and a little glide to my slide, knowing I wasn’t battling the 100+ degree heat outdoors.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scheduling Posts??

Does anyone know how to schedule a post to be submitted on a certain date and time?  I tried to write a few posts and send them out on scheduled dates but it didn't work.  Humm I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Fancy Free and Footloose

As many of you know I’ve not been writing much this summer, primarily because I’m not sure what to write about.  I don’t want to just write about my great chicken dinner I ate last night (although it was tasty) because I want to also include you readers on what makes me thrilled and excited in life.  I’ve been really holding my tongue lately on what I write about regarding the anonymity of the patients I take care of.  However after careful review, I’ve decided that I’m going to continue writing about the things that inspire, motivate, impress, excite, arouse, spark, and basically take my breath away whether good, bad, or ugly.    Since this blog relates to nursing and my journey, I will enfold the healthcare field right along with my favorite recipes, hairdos, kid and hubby news or anything else I want to talk about.  Nonetheless I will be more conscience of what I say, how much I say, and who I talk about. 

I’ve been feeling really drained and chained to my phone updates regarding Facebook, I now can say I appreciate the time I’m deactivated my account during my school semester because of how unproductive I really am when I’m constantly looking at updates.  I’d much rather close my bedroom door and “zone out” reading my favorite blog posts of some of the most amazing writers on my blog list.  I’d also love to take the time and explain how I’ve been lately and my struggles or triumphs during my week.

So here goes, this past week God really blessed me with a wonderful week at work.  I worked (2) 12 hour shifts on the med/surg. floor and an 8 hour shift in OB.  My hang-up with both of these areas at the beginning of summer was being reallocated to another unit forcing to get your work done in an area you’ve never worked before.  That’s another story told here, but since that dreadful night I’ve not experienced another shift like it and actually I’ve learned to appreciate my job as a CNA a little more with all the shifts I have been working.  Much is said of working with a great team of CNAs/RNs who work to better the patient and get the job done!  I love being able to get to work and not worry about picking up the slack of someone else, instead I start my own work-list and actually enjoy getting to know my patients for the little bit of time I’m actually in their lives.  Ultimately I had a wonderful Monday-Wednesday work week and was thrilled to have the next four days off, so I spent my time enjoying my time.

I’ve been able to sleep in like the kids get to each day, I watched my kids play their sports (volleyball/softball), I tackled the job of organizing/cleaning the hallway closet (which will be saved for another post), I’ve been slowly trying to acclimate myself with more heat by sitting outside more this summer (for the transition when we move to Texas next summer), my hubby and I take walks outdoors and chat, the four of us have been training for a few races this summer, overall I’ve been learning the fine art of working full-time and enjoying my family on my days off.  I think I’ll be ready for when I graduate next May and move into the world of Nursing, at least this part of it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July = Independence Day

As I sit and wait for the fireworks to start I’m struck by two things:

1)     1)     I’m grateful to those fighting for my freedom as I write this post.  My dad is a Vietnam veteran and recently I’ve been noticing how few people are as grateful as I am for our freedom.  More and more I’m seeing how people are grateful for the day off from work or if they’re working the extra holiday pay rather than the reason behind the holiday.  According to Merriam-Webster the definition of Independence Day is a civil holiday for the celebration of the anniversary of the beginnings of national independence; specifically : July 4 observed as a legal holiday in the United States in commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
Thank you to our brave men and women fighting hard for everyone’s freedom in America!

2)      2)     The second thing that I’m struck by is the fact that the local hardware store that’s been placing flags in our neighborhood yards for years has somehow missed our house this year.  Unfortunately we don’t have any American flags to put in our yard BUT we do have our yellow and black flag from our trip to Dallas at the Medieval Times restaurant.  That’ll have to do this year, go America!