Sunday, March 13, 2011


Is it possible to meet someone new in your life and want to totally submerge yourself with them?  I have found a girlfriend at school who is totally cool!  She is smart, funny, and beautiful and I think I'm in love - like a friend duh - and I'm enamored by her indeed.
We've been sitting by each other and buddying up during assessment times, we've gone to lunch together, and I even called her two nights ago to chat. 

This first week of school I totally pinned her as being obnoxious, young and annoying, for goodness sakes she's 10 years younger than me.  But then in a moment of humbleness she pulled me aside and asked if she could practice bp's on me and then and there I saw her differently.  She totally seemed human and okay but just in a young, vibrant, loud, kind of way, some would see me the same way, just in a more mature shell. 

Now I can't tell you why but fireworks ignited and I've been hanging on every word she says and I just think she is amazing -again in a friend kinda of way.  I don't want this to fizzle out because I could suffocate her but I'm really enjoying her friendship.  I also don't want her to think that I "get around" - as far as making friends with just about anyone, because that just isn't so.

In a friend way-would it be moving too fast to ask her to come over to my house to study or is it too soon?

Haha after reading this it sounds like a conversation I would’ve had with my girlfriend when I was younger regarding what to do when wanting to date my husband.  :-)


  1. It is always ok to ask someone to study. It is a great way to make friends. I was 30 when I went to nursing school and made some wonderful friends who were 10 years younger than me, which I totally did not expect! Even though I moved away, we have stayed in touch on Facebook. Nursing school is kind of like the military in that it is intense and some very strong lasting friendships are formed.

  2. That is hilarious. But I totally get it.

    I have a friend from work that talks to me a lot about her mom's medical problems. She has come over to visit a lot and we really get along.

    Funny thing is, I finally met her mom and guess what?? She is MY AGE. No - YOUNGER.


  3. It's funny how you make friends in school, age does not seem to matter as much as personalities.

    Ask her how she likes to study? Some like to do it solo, some with one other person or maybe in a group.