Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BFF (Day 8)

8 - Who’s someone that you used to be really close to, but you’re not anymore?
I have a girlfriend that I used to be best of buds with starting in 7th grade and her name is the same as mine “Zazzy” so we’ll call her Zazzy-2.  She only lived 1 block away from me.

We were pretty opposite, for example she had crazy beautiful blond hair while I had brown frizzy hair.  She was loud and outgoing, I was a loud-mouth and not as outgoing.  She had a beautiful filled-out body with curves that made all the boys drool while I had a thin boney stick figure not attracting much. 

Zazzy-2 came from a troubled home, while I did not.  Once high school started Zazzy-2 quickly found drugs and drinking an easy outlet for her.  She moved away from my neighborhood in 10th grade to the suburbs and things only got worse.  We tried to keep in contact through the years but were always at different stages in life and not able to have much in common except reliving the past fun we shared with each other (which could only be relived so many times).

What was sad about the whole situation was that even though my dear girlfriend Zazzy-2 committed her life to Christ in 8th grade, sitting on the living room floor of my childhood home, praying the prayer of salvation with my mom.  She struggled to live the life God called for her, seemingly condemned to live the same broken life her mother had. 

After talking to her the last time over a year ago, I got sick of the same drunken talk with the poor me outlook and decided that her lifestyle wasn’t healthy for me anymore.  I wrote her a LONG letter explaining that I feared for her and her children’s lives, if she didn’t get help, clean up, and get sober.  I only heard through the grapevine that she quit smoking and cut back on her drinking and that she was engaged. 

I think about Zazzy-2 quite often and send up a little prayer that things even out in her life. That she comes back to Christ to rely on his forgiveness and strength for her life to be more in-tuned with what His plans are for her.  I pray that God heals her and transforms her life and the next time I see her is happy, healthy, and full of positive energy.

Off Limits (Day 7)

7 - What’s something you don’t usually blog about?

I don’t usually blog about past personal problems and extended family drama.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that for obvious reasons.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School Sinks In

My sister called yesterday to chit chat and she casually mentioned to me, “So your kids start back to school this week and you start back next week, right”?  Which I answer “Yea, the kids start this week, but I don’t start until the week after, the day after Labor Day”.  Then there was a slight pause and she said, “Yes that’s next week”.  And now the reality of me starting school has set in! 


Yikes, I’m biting my nails and trying to block it out as long as I can so I can enjoy my last few days of freedom.  In fact just this morning as I was brushing my teeth, I was thinking ahead to my next vacation scheduled for the fall/winter.  Oh yea, that’s right, during Christmas week we’ll be driving down to Dallas for the football game.  After Labor Day is over I’m going to be counting down the days until Christmas!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chocoate Room (Day 5)

5 - What’s in your bed right now? Take a picture of your bed.

A few years ago I took a trip to Minneapolis with my daughter to visit my parents.  While I was gone on this trip my hubby, his cousin, and my son decided to make-over our bedroom.  Previously the walls were light green (calming) with a rose patterned bedspread (hubby hated this).

I came home to a rich light brown color on the walls, chocolate bedding on the bed, and matching chocolate curtains with beads hanging from beautiful golden brushed curtain holders.  I had a matching lampshade beside my bed on my nightstand that was the focal point and inspiration for the room said my hubby.  I love it to pieces; each and every bit of the detail is handpicked by my hubs.  Isn’t he dreamy??

Either way, my bedroom is off limits from most people including family because it is NEVER clean!  But each and every night I step into a beautiful comfortable getaway and drift off into a chocolate blissful night.  Also the curtains are so dark they help to block out the morning sun allowing for a few extra minutes of uninterrupted shut eye.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who Will My Child Marry (Day 3)

3 - What’s something you think of all the time, but never say out loud?

Many times I sit and wonder what my kids’ spouses will be like.  I know my kid’s very well and I know what upsets them and while I know they’re children, I often let my mind drift to when they become adults. 
I want my kids to be happy and that they marry someone who brings them happiness.  I want someone who my kids can relax, let go, and lively peacefully with.  I don’t want to see my kids hurt or at my doorstep through every bad argument.
I try to spend a lot of my prayer time for my kids to find upstanding, Godly, and loving spouses.
I don’t say much of this out loud to my kids because they look at me like I’m nuts, but the best I can do for each child is cover them with prayer and allow God to lead their lives.

Gagg-a-roo, It’s Spraying C-Diff!

Last night I was working at the hospital and had to empty an ostomy bag on a patient with C-Diff. 
After I gowned up and entered the patient’s room, I could see that the patient had a bunch of junk food wrappers lying around.  One of the wrappers was a cheesy popcorn bag, so I wasn’t too surprised when beginning to empty the ostomy bag I could see floating orange food particles. 
What I didn’t see coming was that at one point while I was velcro-ing the bag back together a little mist of a squirt of liquid jumped up into the air towards my face and I couldn’t dodge it. 
YUP, you guessed it, a little dot of the ostomy juice got on my face.  I tried to hold it together and not run out of the room screaming.  Instead, stoically I closed the remainder of the bag and pulled the blankets back up to the patients chin. 
I got to the bathroom in a slight rush-walk and dumped the ostomy contents into the toilet.  I ripped my gown off and started washing my hands, and moved onto scrubbing my face with soap and water and even wiped my hair around the frame of my face. 
YUCKO!  I was so paranoid that I hurried out of the room without telling the patient goodbye.  Isn’t it funny that a patient with C-Diff who has an ostomy bag doesn’t have a full face mask precaution along with gowning up for the aides taking care of them?  Maybe other aides or nurses are more skilled at turning their heads at an angle when emptying ALL ostomy bags, and from here on out, I will be too.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Readying up for Fall

A few of my blog friends are going back to school starting Monday but I don’t start back until the 6th of September.  Here is a copy of my weekly schedule for the fall:

Did you notice something special about Monday’s?  I’m super thrilled to announce that I’ll have Monday’s off from school, which will leave me plenty of studying time without the kid’s being home to interrupt.  I don’t plan to schedule work during Monday’s either and hopefully with my expected lower hours of work each week (12), I’ll be able to spend more time with the family too.

My tummy is 40% occupied with nerves for the start of classes, and 60% bursting with anticipation.  I sat with a girlfriend (who’s also in the nursing program) for lunch yesterday and we were like two giddy school girls, giggling about how we can’t wait for the first day of school.

I should get back to studying some of my NCLEX questions, rearranging my bookshelf corner, and emptying my binders from last semester to make room for this semester’s new paperwork.

Movie in the Theatre (Day 2)

What was the last movie you saw in theatres?
The last movie I can remember watching in the theatre was Little Fockers last Christmas.  We went to spend the holidays with my husband’s family in Indiana.  Usually with his side of the family during the holidays we take a timeout from the hustle and bustle of a crowded gathering and head over to the movie theatre.  This allows us to stretch our legs, take a deep breath of fresh air and break up the monotony.  Attendance to this movie included mother and father-in law, me and my hubby, our two kids, and sister-in-law and two of her three kids (I think)?
The movie was alright, but any time you watch sequels they’re never better than the original.  Unfortunately for the season our family is in right now, financially movie theatres are too pricy.  Redbox movies are a much better buy and since I’m not worried about seeing the movie the minute it comes to DVD, I’m pleasantly surprised most times on most of my picks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Indiana Wesleyan University

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Indiana Wesleyan University School of Nursing.  Program information was found on their internet website; opinions are personal.

IWU's campus in Marion, Indiana

My husband’s family lives in central Indiana, and during the time we met (my senior year of high school) we would travel back and forth to his parents’ house to visit.  During the car ride I would comment about the rolling hills and picturesque views of the state as a whole, but especially when we would pass through Marion Indiana.  Shortly after I graduated high school my husband asked me to marry him and move back to Indiana with him.  Eventually we found a place to live in Marion and while our stay there was brief, we loved it.  With the warm and inviting community, I contemplated finding a college to attend.  Before I could look further into possibly attending Indiana Wesleyan University, I found out I was pregnant and decided to move back home (Minneapolis) near my parents and away from Marion.
Later in life I have decided to go back to school now that my kids are older, and have decided on a nursing school in central Wisconsin.  When I think back to IWU, and what I liked most about the school is the fact that they’re a university built on faith.  Part of IWU’s mission statement says they are a “Christ-centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship and leadership.”  How awesome is that?  All of my life my faith and walk with God as a Christian has always been present.  Early in my school career, I didn’t put as much importance on my faith and finding a school that incorporates both learning and developing my Christian character.  Looking back now, I would definitely have given my younger self advice to check out IWU’s campus and program, while thinking they would lead my path in a positive direction.
Being a follower of Christ doesn’t just change your outlook of filling a void in your heart that only God can fill, but also instills great values that IWU also finds just as important.  For instance these values mirror each other in that they “challenge us to follow Christ compelling us to pursue a personal and professional lifestyle of Commitment, Leadership, Service, Stewardship, Innovation and Diversity.”
There are three different divisions with IWU School of Nursing which consist of the Divison of Pre-licensure Nurisng which helps prepare you before you’re ready to take the actual nursing coursework.  Then the Divison of Post-lilcensure Nursing includes completing the RNBSN program or obtaining a Parish Nursing Certificate.  Lastly the Division of Graduate Studies in Nursing allows the student to pursue advanced levels of nursing practice. 
If you’re interested in Indiana Wesleyan University School of Nursing please go to their website at 

The best thing you can do is ask questions and know your options and there’s nothing wrong in adding IWU’s website to your list of places to contact.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

small, tiny, 10 day challenge

Thanks to Pollyanna at Scrubs and Crocs for bringing it to my attention, I'm proud to announce that I'm going to try one of these darn challenges again.  Last time I did one, I had just ended my semester and tried to fit it all in one posting.  This time the challenge is shorter I’ve decided to take a little more time filling it out so I don’t overwhelmed you all with my info.

10 Day Blog Challenge (source: HeckYeahTumblrChallenges)

1 - Write about your first crush. Who was it? Do you still talk to them?

2 - What was the last movie you saw in theatres?

3 - What’s something you think of all the time, but never say out loud?

4 - Do you have a job? If you do, what is it and do you like it? If not, what job would you like to have?

5 - What’s in your bed right now? Take a picture of your bed.

6 - What’s a picture of yourself that not a lot of people have seen?

7 - What’s something you don’t usually blog about?

8 - Who’s someone that you used to be really close to, but you’re not anymore?

9 - What’s something you worry about for the future?

10 - Do you play any sports?

Day 1 says that I need to write about my first crush, who it was, and do I still talk to them. 

My first crush was a guy named Jason McGrath, who was a sophomore while I was a freshman in high school.  He and I started the best of friendships talking to each other every day after school late into the evenings.  One night I wanted more out of this friendship and I went and pushed the envelope by asking him in a hasty note (that I stuffed into his locker after one of my last classes for the day) if he would be my boyfriend and then I demanded he let me know that evening by calling me if he was interested otherwise forget it and never to call me again. 

I was heartbroken when he never called and horrified the next morning when I saw him at school looking terribly upset with me. 

He told me that his father took him to a hockey game the night before and he never got my note which is why he never called me back.  He said he would’ve accepted my offer of being his girlfriend, but because I was “too pushy” he wasn’t interested in me anymore.  WHAT???!!!
Beyonce sings it best when she says “I’m the best thing you’ll never have”, and Jason was not meant to have dear-little-old-Zazzy. 

Instead of that loser, I got a much better man who loves my "love notes" and pushiness and who I wouldn't know how to live without. 

Needless to say I haven’t talked to Jason McGrath since high school but I did hear that he got a girl pregnant the following year and who knows if they got married.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New phone and scrubs

Hey everyone I got my new cell phone today.  It's an Android Samsung Mesmerize.  This phone has a neat feature called Swype where you can swipe when you text instead of lifting your finger to text.

Also in the mail today I got a complimentary pair of scrubs(pretty awesome long story), but I'll make a separate post for that.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Books for Fall 2011

Classes start back up again the day after Labor Day, and this coming Friday I’m heading to my university bookstore to buy all of my books.  $569 is the expected amount of money it will set me back.  Here is the list of most of the books we’ll be using this fall. There are a couple others that are not listed here because they’re included in a book bundle that didn’t have any pictures.

Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges (Chitty, Professional Nursing; Concepts and Challenges) by Kay Kittrell Chitty RN EdD CS

NURSES AND FAMILIES: A Guide to Family Assessment and Intervention by Dr Wright

Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations by Mary A. Nies PhD RN FAAN FAAHB

Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children (Book with CD) by Marilyn J. Hockenberry

Pearson Nurse's Drug Guide 2011 by Billie A. Wilson, Margaret A. Shannon and Kelly Shields

Gerontologic Nursing by Sue E. Meiner EdD APRN BC GNP (Paperback - Sep 27, 2010)

Earlier last month I spent $160 on our supply pack that will include dressing changes, tubing, cath care, and IV stuff from a company called Coursey Enterprises. 

I'm starting to get nervous but I'm firm on the belief that this semester will prove to be a better testing semester for me.  I'm going charge myself to get higher test scores and spend more time studying rather than blogging and definately no facebooking. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Day

Yesterday I woke up not feeling any different than any other day like usual on someone’s birthday.  Funny thing is most people including myself always seem to ask that very question, do you feel any different on your birthday?  Fact is, for me, no I didn’t.  I know in days to come, when certain people ask how old I am, I will probably stumble over my words because the reality hasn’t sunken in that I am 34 instead of 33.  My body doesn’t feel different, I mean I didn’t just wake up overnight and have a head full of gray hair and a hump in my back and lose all of my teeth.  I’m just me and I’m a firm believer that YOU make your day a success, not the other way around that YOUR day makes you.  Every time I wish someone happy birthday I tell them to make it a good day, and that’s what I set out to do for myself.
My hubby turned to me and kissed me and said happy birthday before we even got out of bed.  After I stepped out of my shower for the morning my hubby gave me a gift of a Viking’s locker to store down in our game/football/TV room, where I can store my jersey and baseball cap during the season.  What a lovely thought, seeing as though he is a die-hard Cowboy’s fan and anything else brought into that room could jinx their entire season.  So this locker speaks volumes of love.
              GIFT #1
Viking Locker
Silly me, a few weeks ago when figuring out my work schedule, I agreed to work on my birthday, but it’s all good I still had a good time.  My co-workers decorated my cubical at my clinic job and there was a gift bag waiting for me which included Dove and Ghirardelli chocolates.  Yumm, who could go wrong with a start to a day like that?
               GIFT #2
Work was over at 1pm, so I made plans for a pedicure with one of my girlfriends at 130pm.  I love the French manicure look so much even on my toes that I had them add a cute pink summer flower to each big toe.  I was happy with the outcome.
               GIFT #3
Pretty Pedi
Then from there I headed home because my sister was sending me two pizza hut pizzas with a lava chocolate dessert on the side to be delivered around the same time I expected to be home.  How lovely, all she had to do was go online and place the order all the way from where she lives in Minnesota.  Isn’t technology grand??  Aren’t sister’s grand??
               GIFT #4
Dominio's Pizza
Before the pizza came I walked into the house to a beautiful pot filled with yellow mums and a note from the hubs wishing me a happy birthday.  He must have stopped home on his lunch hour just to do that for me.   I love mums especially in the fall weather against the back drop of falling leaves in the yard.  They are such a hearty plant!
               GIFT #5
Yellow Mum
Then my kids made a special trip to the jewelry store that they can afford “Claire’s” and purchased a bag full of goodies just for me.  I love bobby pins for my hair since getting it cut; it never stays in place like it should.  Also a couple necklaces that go with any outfit, so I promptly searched for my tiara and put all of my jewels on and played the part of princess for the rest of the night.  (ps, yes I do have a tiara and I believe every woman should own one.  Every woman deserves to feel like royalty every once in a while.)
               GIFT #6
Jewels from the kids
Aside from going to my kids’ softball practice and taking a walk with my hubby, we all just came home to relax for the evening. 
All in all, turning another year older just proves to me that your birthday is only as important as the attitude you set before it.