Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finding precious time

My spring break hasn’t been very springy nor has it been much of a break.
Worked 10 hrs on Saturday
Was with family on Sunday
Worked on Ethics Paper w/ partner on Monday
Finished Ethics paper and started studying for 240 Test – yesterday (also celebrated anniversary with a Swiss roll {dessert *yum*})
Work 10 hrs today – Wednesday
Work 10 hrs tomorrow – Thursday
Teaching/Lesson Plan paper w/partner – Friday
Marriage Conference – Saturday
Church and more studying - Sunday
Humm, better reorganize my priorities and get my studying in gear!

Check out the picture of my note cards for my upcoming 240 test.  I’m not sure I’m a note card type of girl, but something has to work better than my last attempt with testing and I think this may be it.  Five days until the big 240 test, I’m sure I’ll find more study time within my schedule but where is the question??

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