Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flashcards and French competitions

I'm a flashcard making machine this weekend to cover 5 chapters including physical assessment, integument, cardio, pv, and respiratory.  I'm including all vocab, because the smarties in class think this is helpful so I will too!  I've read on a couple of internet sites to put the term on one side and definition on the back side, but when it comes to making flashcards for other topics within the chapter to form the flashcards in a Q and A format.  By putting the question on the front and answer on the back this helps you learn better. 
Also if you're going to learn the process of something that takes more than one step to list the amount of steps in parenthesis like this (5) on the front along with the name of the process and then on the back list the five steps. 
This keeps things easy and clear, unlike how I use to make flashcards by listing so many things on the back that I could never memorize anything because there was too much info listed.

On a lighter note, my daughter had a French speaking competition with her junior high class today where she had to wait in a line outside of a classroom door with 100 other kids and one by one they all competed for state.  Guess who is going to state...that's right my daughter!!  What an impressive child my husband and I have, she amazes me day after day.  She is super thrilled and earned an award, which we’ll be framing and hanging on the wall.
Why can’t we as students have awards of completion of each semester we go through?  I’m such a visual person this would help a great deal for me.


  1. Congratulations to your daughter!!!!

  2. Congrats to your daughter, I can sense you beaming with pride.

    My favorite study technique was the outdoors. I used to make flashcards and use full sheets of paper and then go for long walks in the parks and woods along the paved and graveled trails. No ipod or distractions just fresh air and a warm jacket, it was Minnesota afterall.

  3. Thanks rnraquel - she was absolutely amazing and did a great job. I look forward to showering her with compliments no matter how she does at state.
    NPO - I'm beaming like the sun. I totally cannot study outdoors at this time because no matter how lovely it is up north, it's still darn cold! But I've found I'm a visual and auditory learner and plan to really use the flashcards and see what happens. Anything has to work better than how I did on the last test.