Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Partnered Assignments Are No Fun

Glad to have turned in my health history assignment, but it was hell to say the least.  My partner was crazy annoying and spent too much time nit-picking the mechanics, before we even had the darn thing written.  So I continued by finishing the 15 pager and really gave her something to edit.  J

She spent more time on complaints about my way of doing things that when I asked her for a better way she didn't have any, she lacked initiative.  That was so annoying, which is why I'm glad we were expected to do a peer evaluation, that only went to our instructors and this gave me the opportunity to let them know what didn't work between us.

On a different note one of the students in our class that I signed up to be her partner for our next big paper (Ethics), her husband got into an accident while at work last Thursday night.  He was filling air in a big semi tire but the company didn't have a cage and it exploded.  Part of the tire ricocheted off the wall and hit him in his right hip, knocked him out. 

Come to find out later his pelvis and right hip were fractured.  He was transported to a bigger city hospital and no orthopedic surgery was needed.  He is working on PT, but no weight bearing for the next 15 weeks, the big medical supply company is coming to fit their house with a hospital bed, walker, wheel chair, and shower chair. 
Wow, I bet that place he works for is going to install a cage to keep things safer for future air fillings. 

I’m just happy he’s alive, for a minute there I imagined what my life would be like if one minute I was coasting through my life like normal and the next minute I’d become a widow, very devastating. 

The positive side of it all is the Ethic paper is due this Friday for the class, but my partner and I have an extension until after spring break during the 21st-25th!  Yippee!


  1. Wow, glad he is alright. What a terrible occupational accident, although getting stuck with a dirty needle is not too pleasant either.

  2. whew what a story.

    It's true that many are an accident away from disaster. Really makes one think. :(

  3. Oh Rach your so right about what you said about your friend's husband. One day all is well and the next your fighting for your life. So crazy how life turns out. Does your friend that you had to partner with read your blog? She might not be happy about your comments in the beginning. ;0)

  4. NPO - he is doing better they got home last night.
    CC - it was a wake up call for thier family for sure and me too.
    Dome - I don't think she reads my blog, so its all good, plus I never said who she is or he is.