Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a story about a girl and a guy

                There was a girl who was seventeen years old, looking for love working at a retail store alongside her sister.  This girl worked in the Electronics department and loved it.  While working, every once in awhile this girl would hear an overhead announcement with a guys voice smooth as velvet.  This guy wouldn’t just make a short and sweet announcement; he seemed to like to hear himself speak.  What normally would take just a few seconds to announce turned into minutes for this guy.  Intrigued, the girl took a break one day and walked over to where her sister was working and asked “have you heard the guy overhead who likes to hear himself talk”?  The girl’s sister said she had heard the guy a few times and thought he was new, but chalked it off as him being overconfident.  Just as the girls sister was saying that another overhead announcement happened and it was the guy.  So the girl and her sister glanced in the direction of where the overhead was happening and couldn’t quite make out who it was.  The girl was so curious that she walked up to the guy to get a closer look, and everything had grown quiet, and imaginary fireworks were shooting in all directions around this guy.  The girl was awestruck only for a moment, and then the guy glanced at her and smiled.  The girl blushed, looked down and walked back to the Electronics department thinking all the while what this guy was all about. 
                About a week later, the girl had asked her manager if she could be transferred to work up at the front of the store on the cash registers, admitting only to herself that she wanted to be closer to where this guy worked at the return desk.  Once she was working at the cash registers she could see this guy a lot more, but only from a distance.  Eye contact was existent but rare, and the guys return desk area kept him busy.  So within a month of working up at the front cash registers the girl asked her new manager if she could be trained in at the return desk and was granted permission. 
                The first time working at the return desk the girl was nervous and unsure what to think, until the guy she had her eye on walked in and said he was suppose to be her trainer.  The girl nearly dropped what was in her hands and she awkwardly stared at the guy in shock and horror because although she was excited to finally be near him, she didn’t want to screw it up by being in competent.  The guy was sweet and gentle and took his time explaining the procedures of “returns” all the while generously giving lots of compliments to the girl along the way.  This made the girl ecstatic and giggly throughout her shift and just working near this guy made her crave more time with him. 
                Throughout time the girl had gotten to know the guy, she found out that his love was to be a radio broadcaster and was in college to fulfill the dream of being on-air.  This made sense to her as she pointed out to the guy that he may want to “trim the fat” when making overhead announcements because he was taking so long to complete the task.  He laughed and thanked her for her honesty, and agreed to tone it down a bit.  Banter back and forth between the girl and guy came easier over time and they both seemed to enjoy working together.
                One day the girl started her shift expecting to work with the guy at the return desk, only to find out from other co-workers that the guy had quit his job.  Stunned and broken-hearted the girl finished her shift that day destroyed.  She had thought they had experienced some kind of chemistry being together, what was she going to do now that this guy was no longer working at her same job? 
                Weeks went by and while the girl went back to working on the cash registers instead to take her mind of the memories she had with the guy in the return desk area, she thought of him often.  One unusually slow night, while the girl was ringing purchases up for a customer, she glanced down the aisle a bit and was caught off guard when she made eye contact with the guy, he was in her aisle.  Oh goodness, what was she to do?  Questions ran through her head of whether she looked okay or did she have something in her teeth, all the while trying to finish with her customer so she could greet the guy.
                The guy got closer to the girl and made small talk briefly explaining why he quit working there because of a better job opportunity that came along elsewhere.  He smiled frequently, while the girl rang up his purchase of a music CD and asked what she was up to later that week.  Playing it cool, she said she didn’t think she had much going on, and then the guy took his receipt and wrote his number on the back and handed it to the girl.  He said he would like it if she called him so they could maybe go out for a movie and dinner.  She couldn’t help the smile on her face from ear to ear, knowing the guy was interested in her, as she promised to call him in a few days.
                The girl and the guy dated for six months and after she graduated from high school he asked for her hand in marriage.  A few weeks later at the end of June the girl moved across the country to live with the guy and start their lives together.  One and a half years later they were married on a pleasantly warm spring day down south vowing to cherish, love, and respect each other always. 
                On this day fourteen years ago, I vowed to love, honor, and cherish my husband and I love him more today than I did on our wedding day and we still chuckle about how we met and his infatuation of hearing himself speak on the overhead system where we once worked.  I love you my hubby more than you’ll ever know, happy anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a fun post on your blog today !:) Hope you do something together to celebrate your day!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a great story! - and 14 years! :) that's wonderful! :)

  3. Ha ha ha, that brings me back. Gosh I didn't remember much of that but then it rang a bell too. I didn't remember you worked electronics then moved up front to the registers? Where is my brain! Happy Anniversary, hope your conference is great!

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