Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May

Is it possible to have physical problems from too much studying?  I feel so tired, grouchy, my neck hurts because I slept on it wrong, I have a headache, and the muscle in my upper right bicep keeps twitching. 

I wish my summer break was here already...  Can anyone fill my head with summer thoughts and ideas to take me away from all the fresh snow we just received in the past two days and the heaps of stress I'm under?


  1. holy mackarel. snow??? it's spring here in Canada where I am!!!
    Everything is budding and it's sunny and warm! Didn't even wear a sweater today!

  2. No doubt CC, I would say we had darn near a foot of more snow. The day before it dumped on us we had sunshine and warmer temperatures; I was fine with wearing a sweater or hoodie. But now it feels like another life sentence of snow. I don't think I can remember summer if I tried, and I'm experiencing mega cabin fever because I haven't had much "spring" during this break.