Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Educational Film

Yesterday in class we watched a video called A Nurse I am, which is a
32-minute educational film, features four nursing role models – nurses who are competent and compassionate and have a deep commitment to their patients and to their profession. All of them are recipients of the Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award (an annual award sponsored by Cherokee to call attention to the immense dedication, compassion, intelligence, and skill that nurses and other healthcare professionals demonstrate every day).

Even though this video was short I ended up wiping away tears at the end, but then after looking around at other students no one else seemed to be crying. 
Either I’m pretty emotional right now or I had better grow a thicker skin and quick.


  1. Emotions are a good thing, unfortunately for most the longer you are in nursing the thicker your skin will get.

  2. I agree with NPO. It's ok to get emotional about those things...and I also agree that it is unfortunate that the thick skin comes with "practice"