Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 5 Wrap-Up

Thursday I took my first Pharmacology test and it was a “scratch off” similar to a lottery ticket, pretty awesome because it gives you instant feedback and you know your score immediately.  It was 30 questions multiple choice 2 pts each and I got a 54/60 (which equals 90%) and it was a little lower than I wanted of course, but I’m okay with it.  I think first tests are always harder because you never really know what will be on the test, but pray you covered the right stuff, haha.

Monday for our foundational (7 credit) class we have a test that I’m more troubled about because it covers more than just what we’ve covered in lecture like the skills we’ve been checked off on.  We have to average higher than 73% on all of our tests or we risk having to take the class over again.  I’m thinking I’ll be just fine but you know how that can stress a student out.

What’s funny is that I’ve been practicing NCLEX questions in my evenings with my hubby who insists on taking the quizzes with me.  Then it becomes a competition thing where I want to answer more questions right than him because I’m the nursing student after all, but surprisingly he tends to get more of them right than me.  My hubby says it’s because the questions are more common sense than anything and that I must be thinking too much about the specifics of them. 
Either way I better get better at these darn questions so that in 2.5 years I’ll be set to take the test.  My classmates think I’m insane for practicing these questions so early, but my hubby agreed with XY’s way of thinking that the earlier the better.  My hubby said that I’ll have 2.5 years of practice and my classmates will not, who knows??  Maybe I can smoke the NCLEX exam in less than an hour; we’ll see which of my classmates will be talking then!


  1. The earlier the better. Absolutely! You will do great.

  2. I'm surprised that they didn't tell you day one in orientation to start doing NCLEX questions every night with your studies.

    We were told to do at least 3 every night from our Comprehensive book. Read the rational for the answers right. And with a 100% pass rate for the that particular nursing program for NCLEX. You know they know what they are talking about ;-)

  3. Your husband is absolutely correct. When I took the NCLEX way back when it was 2 whole days worth of exams...I found it very easy...almost an english comprehension test. I asked my american cousin about it - and she said that's exactly what it is. I have said it before on other's's not that difficult and if you use common reasoning and deduction - it's not hard. What practicing does for you is gets you used to the *type* of questions and understand how to answer. :)