Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovely being in Love

Valentine's Day was a BIG success!

My dozen roses

My ring box

My ring inside my box

My ring

Cards for the kids

Flowers for my daughter from dad

Candy for my son from dad


  1. Yeah! What a wonderful day for you all (;

  2. for some reason, none of your photos are visible on my computer. Have no idea why - it's the only blog that happens to. :( so darn. Can't see everything!

    Glad you had a nice day! :)

  3. Tara - it was very exciting for us all.

    CC - WHAT? I'll have to email them to you. Shoot, I think this may be because of my constant wanting to change the background colors and themes. Maybe I should just pick one design and stay with it. heha