Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Color Inventory Learning Styles

In class yesterday we had a Color Inventory Learning Styles quiz to determine which color attribute we identify with.  There were four sections and you had to put a check mark by each phrase that you believed applied to you.  The more check marks you had in any of the sections determined your color attribute. 

See full size imageGold Attributes signified people who are organized. 

Green Attributes signified people who ask why? like needing to know the big picture. 

Orange Attributes signified people who are active/energetic thriving on competition. 

See full size imageAnd then there were the Blue Attributes (where I feel into) signifying people who are touchy/feely, mediators, optimistic, caretakers, passionate, peacemakers, need to feel "special", always a kind word, enjoys symbols of romance, strong sense of spirituality, sensitive to needs of others, peace with harmony and relationships, motivate and encourage others, and cooperative rather than competitive, non confrontational. 

Yup that pretty much sums me up, almost to a fault.  Humm, I hope these qualities and learning styles make me an awesome nurse in 2.5 years.


  1. As for colors I'm more of a purple and gold person.

  2. It's unrelated to this post but I have to ask, are the upperclassman playing nice now that it is the second [third?] week?

  3. NPO - I didn't know there was a purple section but I was pretty impressed with what I found out about my classmates through this test.

    Estelle - No the upperclassman aren't any better the 3rd week in, but we're not usually in the same locations as those students anyway. There is an organization that we can get involved in that we'll be able to interact with them more, so I'll probably look into that.

  4. That sounds like a great color to be! I'm sure you'll be an awesome nurse!!!