Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nurse's Watch - Thanks MOM

My mom sent me a gift in the mail today and it was a nurse's watch.  How thoughtful and fun, now I'll wear it always.  It also has an Indiglo feature and glows in the dark.

Here's a picture of TGIF's.  Yumm!

Oh and how can I forget this funny picture my son took of a t-shirt while we were in the mall shopping.


  1. You'll appreciate that glow-in-the-dark face when you work nights! ;)

  2. Like the new blog look and watch. Poor Vikings back to the drawing board for a quarterback

  3. CC I hope I can use it for when I have to work nights, I just hope the band last that long.

    NPO thanks for the compliment on the blog look, I get tired of the same old look all the time. Yes, poor Vikings something tells me this is going to be their year... we'll see I guess. Which team do you shout for?

  4. Love the watch! And look at your funny pic