Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 2 Wrap-Up

Jeeper’s when I say I’ve got lots of reading to get done I’m not joking.  Just for this coming week in my Pharmacology class I have chapters 4-11 to read with 2 additional readings, in my Ethics/Theory class I have 2 chapters to read along with 7 additional readings, then in my Foundations class I have 3 chapters to read and 5 additional readings.  Now all of these class instructors also have additional handouts that they give to you in class to read.  Goodness I feel like all these headaches I’ve been feeling lately are related to the reading requirements.

Prestige Medical stethoscope Teaching SpragueIn my skills lab we’ve been practicing some CNA skills that we’ll be tested on the 11th to show that we are ready to work with the elderly in the Nursing home settings, but aside from our skills we’ve been working on we also got to try out other equipment that I haven’t used before including the Temporal thermometers, and I just had a ball using it.  Along with the temporal machines we used an O2 Sat meter, oral digital thermometer, and classroom stethoscope to listen for BP’s and the apical pulse.  Our instructor had a teacher’s stethoscope where there are two sets of ear tips so she could listen and the student could listen and agree on the things you hear being the same.  For example the “glub glub” of the heart counting as one beat.  Very cool!

I was able to get a chance to bond with fellow classmates this week when after a few of us went to open lab to practice our skills we had about 2 hours before our next class started, so  we all agreed to go to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  I can not stress to new nursing students out there how important this is to gather outside of class time to learn about and grow relationships with each other.  We laughed and got to know each other better and we even talked nursing student talk and that made me feel important because someone else knew what I was going through and talking about medically.

On to week three if I ever get done with this reading, oh and also GO Green Bay (even though I'm a Viking's fan) for the Super Bowl tomorrow.


  1. Making bonds with your classmates sounds like a great idea. Im sure there will be many times you have to deal with things that having their support will help you through.

  2. We've had a few opportunities to do this -- ironically, involving lunch at a Mexican restaurant, as -- and it does help us get to know each other. There is a pretty tight group of 4-5 of us...we're constantly texting each other about school and non-school stuff. The whole thing about seeing/talking to your classmates more than your own family? Yeah, that's becoming reality.

  3. Ahahaha omg that picture just made me smile :) I loved Lab. It was so much fun to practice on each other. The skills only get more fun from here!!! :)

  4. You sound like you are having a ball, Zazzy. I am so happy for you. :)
    And yes. You absolutely should bond with your classmates. They are your best source of support while you are in school [ are married so it might be different for you].

  5. Here I thought I was following your blog all this time and I wasn't. But now I am. :)