Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's Just Say

Let's just say that person A works really hard at finishing their prerequisites to get into nursing school, gets accepted into nursing school and is nearly half way through their first semester of nursing school, only to find out that person B (person A's significant other) wants to apply for a job that is too good to pass up, in a state down south where they have lived before, AND person B wants person A to see what it would be like to transfer to a nursing school down south and quite possibly uproot the whole family to live there in the event that person B is offered the job that they applied for??

Now let’s just say that person A and B were planning to make a move down south eventually after person A graduates nursing school and gets their repayment of loans started so that Person A's credit score can increase and buying a house would be attainable and person A and B's kids would be old enough to not care as much etc. etc.

What does person B expect person A to do when an idea like this is just dropped into person A's lap?


  1. I have friends who are in a very similiar situation. Person A in their instance has decided to follow Person B's lead and it's not worth the added stress, turmoil and fighting. Person A doesn't really want to move and leave behind friends but knows that it is better to agree together and be one in this sitaution than possibly have to move anyways and go there bitter, frustrated, angry, alone and feeling all this against Person B. Just talked about this last night, weird. I think that sometimes the A People need time to process and the B people are more just lets go now.

  2. You don't even know if the job will be offered to said person if they apply?

    Nursing school is not easy to get into in a lot of places, will you be able to transfer guaranteed? Check it out first.

    So currently Person B is working and person A is pursuing a career and a future for herself and her kids.

    Nobody can decide for you, but an outsiders opinion would be the pros of staying and finishing school that is already started, seems to outweigh the cons of uprooting the family for a job he might not even like.

  3. Wow, that's a tough one. I think all person A & B can do right now is talk more about it. Weigh out the pros and cons about the job, the move, and transferring to a new school. If the job really is too good to pass up it might be worth the transfer, especially since person A isn't too far into the program yet.

    Wishing person A best of luck with the decision. ;)

  4. and remember too, that not all pre-requisites from one college transfers to another :(
    Oh my that is a dilemma.
    In the big picture, I would mull it over, what would be the best advantage to the whole family.
    Would it be worth it to uproot the whole family only to find you can't afford to buy a place, provide for the family, pay more for tuition because the first semester may be a write off...

    Only the 2 of you can decide what's the end. But, why is it mostly women who have to give up their dreams?

  5. This made me really thankful that I'm single and only have to worry about me, myself, & I. I can't offer any help, but I'll say prayers that it all works out for you!

    Also, you commented on my blog the other day and I wanted to reply to you via email, but your email isn't linked to your comment, so here it is:

    Thanks for the good luck & well wishes, especially on finding a man hahahaha. I need all the help I can get in that department ;) Whereabout in Indiana did you live?

    Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting & adding me to your blog roll!

  6. Thank you all for your comments and well wishes! As of yesterday the idea for Person B to apply to this job and all the ramifications that come with it has been tabled for now. While this makes Person A happy, Person A still is amazed how a small decision like applying for a job can change someone's whole life. Plus if the transition of transferring schools wasn’t seamless and person A would need to start over in the nursing program, Person B reassured Person A that starting over was not an option.

  7. Marianne I added my email address to my page but it's not linked up. Feel free to email me at any time. I'll email you to answer your question.

  8. ok, i may have known this before, but probably forgotton (call it old age)but I *didn't know* you were in Indiana.

    My nephew just was visiting from sis lived there for years, her husband was a minister at a church they are in the Philedelphia area. My nephew is planning on moving here to Canada in a couple months.

    Since my nephews and niece are all "duellies" (both US and Canadian citizens - my sis made sure of that when they were quite young!) it makes it quite easy for them to go back and forth.

    They lived in Greenwood.