Monday, January 31, 2011

Media Assignment

I had an assignment I worked on this weekend where I had to find a piece of media where nursing practice was the main subject.  So I chose to watch a couple episodes of Nurse Jackie that were free online.  My first impression of this show was that it was quite messed up, first that poor nurse Jackie is addicted to narcotics, and second she doesn't come across very compassionate to her patients but maybe there's more to her story seeing as though I only watched two episodes. 
Anyway the doctor that nurse Jackie works with has the condition called Tourettes, where his tics include grabbing women in sexual areas, for example in the first episode he grabbed nurse Jackie's breast while she was in the middle of reaming him a new butthole for being incompetent.

After completing my homework assignment on Saturday night I went to bed with thoughts of football (because the Superbowl is so near) and Nurse Jackie floating through my mind and I woke up the next morning with the remnants of a bad dream. 
My dream was that Payton Manning was the doctor and I was Nurse Jackie and he grabbed my breast.  Hahaha, my hubby laughed because we both know I'm not a Colts fan and he is the least of all the quarterbacks that I would dream of, but we both agreed at least it wasn't his brother Eli!


  1. It's just a TV show, so many wannabe nurses think working in the hospital is like Grey's Anatomy or something romantic. Actually it could not be farther from that, Scrubs would be closer.
    Interesting dream I thought living east of the Twin Cities maybe a Brett Favre or Aaron Rogers thing.

  2. Sorry, I don't want anybody to take me saying wannabe nurse as referring to any current or aspiring students. I was saying it sarcastically to those who imitate or pretend to be.