Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last Thursday in my Pharm class we were able to touch and play a little bit with some needles, vials, "fake (skittle)" pills, we practiced using a syringe to suck up some mouth wash and I had so much fun!  I even got to touch a safety cap needle top and was able to play with these items, unlike when I’m nosey in the doc's office touching things I shouldn’t.

With all of these hands on classes I have been so excited and enamored to learn and absorb all that has been said in class that it's hard to remember that I'm not just learning for the fun of it, but to actually be tested.  So then I have to make sure to take notes and then I'm not enjoying myself as much because I'm busy trying to remember what I should be writing down that's important for testing.

Oh gone are the days that I could just keep my head in the clouds and enjoy learning things at face value.  As an adult I see this happen more often, that I’m snapped back into reality so quick that the enjoyment of the little things escapes much quicker.  Just last week on my way home from an intense lecture at school I took a moment and enjoyed the way the sunshine was spreading it warmth and light on to the street in front of me.  I was so caught up in the sunshine’s simple beauty that I almost stopped my car so I could make the moment last longer. 

My hubby sometimes refers to my simple mindedness like Winnie the Pooh Bear content with his head stuffed with fluff watching butterflies play and dance all day. 
What's wrong with that?


  1. Basking in the natural beauty and wonder that surrounds us is one of my favorite things to do. I've driven many times with the radio off and the windows open to hear the sounds outside, or the windows up only to listen to the rain pounding the car. I love being simpleminded sometimes :)

  2. It's important to enjoy the simple, lovely things in life! School can be grueling, but I'm glad you remember to have fun :)

  3. Awww Marianne I'm with you, isn't it lovely to be able to unwind sometimes? I never get enough of that time, but someday I will.

    rnraquel I need to remember to have more fun and I need to learn to turn off my brain. Too bad there isn't a switch on the side of our heads for that, haha.