Monday, November 15, 2010

Stats., Soc., and Com. to do lists.

Mainly rental books

Please excuse my messy handwriting.

I'm freaking out a bit people.  My Stats professor was a little off track according to the syllabus and now wants the rest of us to pay for it.  Our next exam is due by 11/23 and he wants to cover 6 chapters worth of information.  Seems kinda dense especially when the first exam only covered roughly 4 chapters and they were the beginning chapter where less difficult information is covered.  This week alone he claimed last Thursday that we would have 3 chapter homework assignments all due by possibly Wednesday of this week so we could have them all graded and back to us by Thursday so we can review for the exam.  This schedule this week frightens me because that seems like a lot to me.  We only have his class Tuesday's and Thursday's so I won't have an update for that class until tomorrow, but goodness gracious.

Then our Soc. class has an exam due Friday, but again this professor originally on his syllabus had us scheduled to take this exam after Thanksgiving, but because he too got off track and behind, he's pushing the date of his exam up too.  However untimely this is, I appreciate his tactic better, because he's only making the exam cover two chapters, less work but due sooner.  Ugg.

Lastly my Comm. professor is right on track, but I must have forgotten that the 17th was this week, (ever have that problem where you see a date in your mind and think it's a lot further off than it really is??) so I have a 5 page paper to write before Wednesday which shouldn't be a problem, because I like writing for her, she has an outlined that is strict and hard to screw up.  So I just get a feeling of dread and being overwhelmed. 

My Phil. professor has pushed all papers back til after Thanksgiving thank goodness!  And gym, well gym is gym, nothing that I foresee being due before the holiday, but it would be like that professor to push something on us as well, besides just being active.

Gotta hunker down and not post for a while or chit chat with my family on the phone or watch tv or hang with my family just to get past this week will be a miracle. **whine, whine** 

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