Friday, November 12, 2010

Counselor Meeting - Explained

After I went to my  counselor meeting I found out that I only have 12 general education credits left to complete along with my nursing classes for the next 2-1/2 years.  6 credits of humanities and 6 credits of Foreign Culture.  I also found out that there are classes that fulfill both of these requirements at the same time, so in essence instead of taking 4 (3 credit) classes I may be able to take 2 (3 credit) classes that fulfill both requirements.  And since I have 2.5 years to get those two classes done, I'm taking this summer off from classes and I will concentrate on volunteering at the hospital in town.  Yay!!!!  One less thing to worry about.  I'm excited.


  1. I am looking at a late 2013 graduation myself... maybe early 2014... wow that sounds like forever.

  2. Hey, late 2013 is a great year!! It does seem far off for me too. I can't say that its half way over yet, until the middle of next semester. Ugg! And I can't say that I'm and LPN either like you!