Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Statistics Exam 2 ...done!

After a week of eating, breathing, sleeping, and dreaming Statistics I have finally taken the second exam of the semester covering five chapters.  I think I will pass the exam... but boy oh boy I was worried that I would forget everything I was studying.  It was a difficult exam and if our professor would've just lectured or written the exam in a way that I could have understood it, I probably would be feeling more confident right about now.  My brain felt like mush right afterwards, so when I stopped at the bank and the teller asked me for my acct. number and I literally stopped and had to rack my brain to think of the numbers that I normally know like the back of my hand.  Yikes, there is something to be said about using all of your brain power and not being able to feel like you can function after doing something so exhausting like taking a crazy stressing exam.
I thought the best way to overcome my lower brain function would be to take my study buddy out to lunch at Culvers!  Yumm, best choice ever, and followed it up with some chocolate frozen custard with marshmallow topping!!


  1. Oh, congratulations. I HATED stats. It was the worst thing that's ever happened to me in nursing school so far. Way to go :) And chocolate custard with marsmallows...?? zomg!

  2. So far it's the worst thing ever happening to me in school. Stat's are sucking right now! Ugggh :(