Friday, November 19, 2010

New Couch, Curtains, and Wall Color

A few months back we had ordered a new couch set for our front room.  A few weeks ago it came in and was delivered to our house.  The night before we painted our a new color on the walls called Apple Crunch, our new front room was becoming warm and inviting and we were thrilled to have our couch delivered.  Here are a few pictures of the couch and wall color together. 
This is the chaise lounge that is my new favorite spot.

You can kinda see the Apple Crunch wall color, it's kinda peachy cream but definitely warm.

Just the right size for my laptop and school work.  I'm in love.

Lastly we were needing window treatments and after much debate I went and purchased some panels I thought would compliment the pillow colors of the couch.  Unfortunately even after the sale the curtains were terribly expensive because they can't just sell affordable curtain panels but instead they charge an arm and a leg for just one panel per package racking up my bill to more than I wanted to spend.  Not to forget to mention I had to buy the curtain rods and tie backs.  But enough of my whining, if we ever move, after I graduate nursing school, I can only hope it'll help the prospective buyers to think that they could live in this warm atmosphere too.  Here are the pictures of the curtains:
Please excuse the wrinkles.
Two gold panels and two striped panels per window in the front room.


  1. Looks great! Isn't it amazing how much paint and some curtains can change a room? :)

  2. Thank you. I know, I'm totally impressed. We've been living in this house since '03 and have never put anything on our walls beside white. Ha ha.