Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Counselor Meeting

I have scheduled a meeting with my counselor at school this Thursday, to determine how many more gen. ed. class credits I need to fulfill prior to graduating in May of 2013.  I'm kinda scared, because for the past two summers I've taken classes and was hoping to take this summer off from classes and maybe becoming a volunteer at the hospital here in town.  If my counselor suggests taking classes this summer, I think I'm going to cry. 

I'm getting fried as far as school goes.  Having 2-3 weeks off between semesters is one thing, but oh how nice it would be to have a couple months off especially in the summer.  Where all I have to worry about is putting in my 24 hours of work each week and then come home and really enjoy my family and my off time.  A girl can dream can't she??

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