Sunday, November 7, 2010

Advice from Nursing Students

I have a few girlfriends who have started the nursing program this semester.  So what do you think I've been doing...pumping them with questions.  haha.  So far I'm told that there are lots of quizzes and tons of reading and due to our location being a satellite program there is un-organization with the "mother" campus.  I've been told that in the computer lab the students have access to the computers and the printers and even the ink in those printers but no paper. 
Yup you heard right, our tuition dollars don't pay for the school to supply the students with paper for the printer in the computer lab.  My fellow co-students are telling me that if we want to print off the powerpoint slides that make up most of the class lectures that we'll have to tote around a ream of paper so we can successfully print them off at school.  Otherwise we'll have to print them off on our own time, elsewhere. 
Now there are lockers at the school (that we have to provide our own locks) that we can store our ream of paper in, but they're a whole floor lower than our computer lab.  I realize our economy is suffering and cutbacks are a must, but printer paper...jeepers that's a big section to cut out for the students.
I look forward to starting in January so I can see for myself these little adjustments I'll be in for.
Another graduating co-student that I take my philosophy class with gave me advice telling me that I should read, read, read the chapter before I hear lecture on it.  Also to make flashcards if I do better learning with them, and to take instructors that challenge the student more because the student ends up learning more that way.  I think I'm going my co-student friend and see if she'll pass on her locker to me after she graduates this December.  haha, anything to get some leverage there.  You know what I'm sayin', you know what I'm sayin!

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