Friday, November 26, 2010

Statistics Exam 2 - Results are in

Measly 69/100, goodness gracious.  The class average was 70.  Does not this say something about the exam or professor?  I am not thrilled, my average in the class is teetering right below a B more like a B-
Shoot man, I studied for this exam and this is still all I was able to get, a dinking 69... a 69! 
What on earth am I going to do when the cumulative final comes around in a few weeks??  I'll keep you guys posted.

On the flip side, I got an A on my in-class facilitation for Communications and an A on the paper I wrote in that class. 

I'm still doing well in Existentialism, we just got done reading about Sartre's short story called No Exit about 3 people stuck in Hell.  Yikes... can't wait to start that paper due on Tuesday.

Lastly I'm waiting for my result of the Soc. test I took last week, there is a 2-litter of Diet Dew on the line between a co-student and myself.  If I get a higher score I get the Dew, likewise if he gets a higher score than, I have to buy him a Dew.  It started out just a bet for a 20-oz, but the last test we tied getting the same test score, so this test we bumped it up to a 2-litter.  Now if we tie again, we already agreed on bumping it up to a 12-pk for the last test.  Nice huh?

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