Friday, November 12, 2010

Statistic homework problem, yuck.

Heights of male students.  To estimate the mean height (mew) of male students on your campus, you will measure an SRS of students.  You know from government data that the standard deviation of the heights of young men is about 2.8 inches.  How large an SRS must you take to reduce the standard deviation of the sample mean to one-half inch?  Use the four-step process to outline your work.

I've already answered this problem, but it was a real doozey to figure out how to word the 4 steps it takes to answer it.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed on actually understanding the idea behind Confidence Intervals.
We have our second exam that will be covering 6 chapters in a little more than a week and I'm not ready.  I'm going to take time off my studies from other subjects and concentrate on just my Statistics, that way I'll be doing problems in my head, over and over and over every night until the testing day. 


  1. yuck.. totally not looking forward to this class.

  2. Let me tell you this class totally is difficult, and it doesn't help that my teacher wants to put 6 chapters in our next exam. Good luck to you when you get in it.