Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've told you all in the past that I lost 31 #"s through Weight Watcher's BUT it took 2 years to do.  I have approximately 10 #'s left to lose to get back to goal weight.  I have come across a diet that sounds appealing called The 5 Bite Diet by Dr. Alwin Lewis basically where you get results similar to gastric bypass patients without the surgery.  You just limit your food intake to the same as a gastric bypass patient so for example you have to follow the following rules:
  • Do not eat breakfast.
  • Do not snack.
  • Eat five bites of food for lunch.
  • Eat five bites of food for dinner.
  • Eat at least one bite of protein a day.
  • Take a multivitamin every day.
  • Drink only water, diet soda, no-calorie drinks, black coffee, or black tea.
This sounds doable and genius and I'm reading his book right now called Why Weight Around? 

Dr. Lewis brings up a good debate on why or why not this plan should be followed.  He thinks for my height which is 5'8" that my ideal body weight should be 140, but not to go lower than a BMI of 18.5 which would put me at around 122.  He claims that the diet isn't for life, but just a tool for people to lose weight quickly to get back to where they want to be and then to start introducing bite by bite until you begin maintaining this loss of weight.  He claims it only takes about 3 days for your hungerstat to shrink and the shakiness of hunger signals to subside. 

I'm going to give it a whirl and I'll check back in with you all after I see results.  Dr. Lewis claims you can lose an average of 13#'s the first week.  Of course I'll still be working out and running to stay tight and tone, but I gotta say this sounds like a magic bullet!


  1. That seems like a tiny number of calories. Seems it would kick your body into starvation mode, and when you start eating again, you'd gain it all back?

  2. Just came across your blog - very nice Personally lost 50 lbs on Weight Watchers.

    How do you manage to exercise in any meaningful manner without additional caloric inputs?


  3. XY, yea it does seem like a tiny amount of calories, but I like Dr. Lewis's thinking behind the gastric bypass patients and their same caloric amount. It is just a tool temporarily and then I start adding in bites until I find an amount that will keep me maintaining maybe like 15-20 bites per day. I just think our nation is too use to big sized portions and this makes sense to me.

    Greg, good job on losing the 50 #’s that is quite an accomplishment.
    I haven't done the diet yet, but I imagine if there comes a point where exercise doesn't feel right because of the little caloric input I'm taking in then I'll have to reevaluate the program. I know this plan sounds crazy, but like I said to XY the thinking behind the program seems genius to me by all means feel free to check out Dr. Lewis's website if you'd like