Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Attempt at Being Organized

Step 1 to being organized I was told was to keep track of your schedule.  So my hubby purchased this huge white board and put the green taped lines and divided each section with days of the week and color coded time slots through the day.  We implemented this process almost one year ago in hopes of having the kids know exactly where mom was each day of the week and when I'd be expected home most days (give or take a few exceptions).  This has been extremely helpful for the family, but I have about 4-5 different calendars that I am constantly updating.  Oh well, at least I'm learning to be organized throughout this whole process.


  1. Sorry I tried to keep my post vague and for a lost nursing friend who use to read my blog. The grant was for nurse practitioners going into a few primary care specialties, but not FNP or peds that everybody seems to want.

    If you get your BSN by 2013 and go for your NP right away you can probably take advantage of it. However, there may be a new program you can use by then, if you want your NP. That is the year I will be graduating so I can probably help with advice for you later. Is there an NP program close to you in WI?

  2. Mostly I'm interested in just graduating the BSN program, but I'm also looking into Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP), I just don't know much about that field yet... Can you shed any light on the topic, I've been on and they kinda mention a little about it.

  3. I like the new background.

    Right now you can be an NP with a masters, but as of 2015 nurse practitioners will need a PhD, hence the DNP. It is good that it will require more hands on experience, but also more cost.

    There is also a silly debate with MD doctors, because anyone with a PhD has earned their doctorate and can be called a doctor. Like a doctor of Philosophy, doctor of veterinary medicine, doctor of astrology, you get the idea.

    Anyway, some MD doctors do not like the idea of nurse practitioners having a doctor of title, they don't think patients will know the difference. Truthfully, some I have met might not.

    However, the big problem right now is that Md's are not going into primary care and instead spending an extra year or two in school to specialize, which can double their pay.
    This has created a huge shortage in primary care which is being filled by NP's and PA's, and it will only get worse. Because of an aging and growing population, not because of any new health care laws.

    As for I really don't like some of the forum sites. Too many people giving opinions without facts, and some seem really angry and almost try to discourage new people.

    Even though the market is tighter now, I encourage students I work with that this is a good time to be going into nursing.

    And if later you want to chase an NP degree I say go for it.

  4. Thanks for the background compliment, I feel like changing it once in awhile, but this is the one I come back to always. Thank you for all the plethora of information on the DNP and some of the reasoning behind it.

    In my line of work we were told earlier this year that same thing about the lack of primary docs and all the new docs are going to school for their specialties, which makes sense to have the NP's and PA's step up to the plate to offer excellent care. And then in turn will give more responsibilities handed down to the nurses and ma’s, hopefully they’ll compensate those individuals respectively.

    I've been noticing on that there are some real stinkers on there with negative attitudes and complaints, but when it comes time to look for advice on how to be a better student I get some good hints.
    Thanks again for all your help NPO, you rock!