Tuesday, January 11, 2011

13 Days left

I'm sure you're all sick of hearing how excited I am to start nursing school but I only have 13 days left of:

-overall freedom
-account being activated on Facebook
-making menus for meals for our family
-making supper for my family
-doing my own laundry
-cleaning my house
-spending too much time on primping my hair and makeup before leaving the house
-weekend sleeping in
-reading for pleasure
-stuffing my face with crap "junk" food
-to clean/organize my tornado demolished desk from last semester
-walk around with a low stress level
-being a texting master and keeping up with all my friends and family
-helping with kids’ homework
-watching unlimited amounts of tv
-renting all the movies I can get my hands on even the free ones from my library
-going shopping when and where I’d like
-generally not paying attention
-being lazy and not leaving my house if I don’t want to from am to pm
-attending my kids’ school events.
-disciplining my kids (will be dad’s job again)

These are just off the top of my head for now.  Ho humm.


  1. You must be on the semester system instead of quarters, both have there advantages and disadvantages.

    Enjoy reading for pleasure, for me it was the one thing that suffered the most while in school. Unfortunately TV didn't I'm too easily distracted by CSI or Criminal Minds type of shows.

  2. Yes we're on semesters, which go from Jan. through May, then we have about 3 months off in the summer unless someone would want to take an accelerated course during those months, which I think I still have 2 gen ed classes to fulfill before I graduate and I may take this summer. Just depends on what other opportunities come my way.
    As far as my guilty pleasure I love watching all the trash "reality" shows on VH1 and MTV, usually commiting to (one) 1/2 hour show doesn't hurt my study time too much.

  3. Enjoy the quiet before the storm!!