Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nursing Shoes and Pen Lights

I am thrilled and exciting to start the nursing program.  Yesterday I went on a shopping spree for my nursing shoes, noise cancelling head phones, planner (thanks to Estelle's Nursing Guide-part 3 tips would be lost without you), and a couple other school supplies.  Here is what I bought:

Nursing books on the left including iclicker.
$9 planner from Wal-Mart, better deal than the $54 one from Office Max (totally overpriced there)

Big enough squares I think to write everything I need

With the exception of 2 more books and a supply kit that includes sterile gloves and a pen light I'm all set

I read on to think about buying a set of noise cancelling headphones so I can study in the same room as my other family members.

Completely all white nursing shoes.  I feel like people will be able to see me coming from a mile away.  haha.

I was also looking for a running shoe for the 5K's I'll be involved with this summer and my son told me to buy some Zig Tech's, but for the price of these shoes I won't be wearing them until there are no more puddles on the ground...summertime.
In my adventure to find all of these items I wasn't able to find a pen light or a pair of sterile gloves....let's see I tried Walgreens, and Wal-Mart but no luck.  I didn't realize these items would be so difficult to find, does anyone out there have any suggestions on where to go?  I was asked to buy a supply kit that includes a paper ruler, pen light, and sterile gloves and they sell them at my school store for a bundle price of $10.  But I thought I could buy these items separately for cheaper, and after my trip out today I'm not so sure.  By the way both the Walgreens and Wal-Mart pharmacists didn't know what a pen light was, and both thought each store sold sterile gloves, and neither store did.

As each day gets closer to my start date I get more and more excited.  Last night I had a friend over to the house that has recently graduated the program and she thinks I'm more than ready, maybe even overboard.  She was such a blessing to have over because my husband and I ran a bunch of questions past her as far as what to expect, and her fountain of information was appreciated.  I think I'm on my way to being set to go.


  1. I think that I actually own half those books! Brings back bad, bad memories! lol Good luck! It's got to be exciting! :)

  2. I need to make a post like this...showing my pile o' books and all my other goodies -- scrub tops, polo shirts, stethoscope, pen light, shoes (ours have to be solid black...FUGLY!), et al. Funny...I got that same planner at Wal-Mart..except mine is an aqua blue color. :-)

    Pen light -- I got mine at a locally-owned scrub shop. Life Uniform also sells them...if you have a Life Uniform store near you. Gloves -- my husband uses disposable latex gloves to do his woodworking staining and he got them at Harbor Freight for dirt cheap. Not sure if you have one of those around..?

  3. They actually want you to find sterile gloves? Nowadays with gas prices it might be cheaper to just buy the schools over-priced bundle.

    Good luck to everybody starting tomorrow, my first class isn't until 4:30.

  4. Yes, NP, they actually expect me to get sterile gloves before I start. But I found a loophole that I'll blog about in a minute and tell you all about how I was able to get a pair.

    Good luck to you and your first class tonight, please tell me all about your first day back.

  5. Tell me what you think of those noise canceling head phones, I have bought and returned many brands and am still searching for some good ones...

    I am lucky to have a quiet house to myself most of the time, but the ODD time I go to the library I definitely need something...

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  7. Yea Albino, I'm not too impressed with this pair because I can still hear noise when I'm wearing them. But the noise is definately lower and that's a good thing, and I'm not sure without spending too darn much if I'll ever have a pair just perfect for not hearing anything, so hopefully it helps me to get the work done.

  8. I'm starting my program in June, which is funny as I read so many nursing blogs and every one is finishing up for the school year. Did you use all of your books? I just received my book list and it is a stack that looks a lot like that! Good luck with the rest of your finals!

  9. oh good luck!! studying is NOT easy..bit it is worth the effort! I think i got all the stuff i needed way way back then from a medical supply store. Nothing is cheap any more..the price of the books is outrageous!
    Good luck!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.