Monday, January 10, 2011

Sterile Gloves

On my previous post I was confused, because I couldn't find a pair of sterile gloves at either Walgreens or Wal-Mart, and I didn't understand why they were so impossible to come by.  Little did I know that they are not at all like non-sterile gloves (something a pre-nursing student like myself didn't know the difference between), they're actually packaged separately that you would need to tear open to put them on. 
and voilĂ  here they are
After getting to work this am, I mentioned my whole story to my co-worker (Lonna) and she said I should check in house at my employer if the "supply" area would give me a pair if I told them that I was student looking for a pair of sterile gloves. 

Lonna use to be a HUC (Health Unit Coordinator) at our connected hospital here in town and she was very familiar with this "supply" dept, so she took it upon herself to call them and ask.  Haha, who knew??  She just called them and explained who I was, and that I needed a pair of sterile gloves and the supply dept said they would interoffice the gloves to me on the next messenger run.

Later this am, I got my gloves in my pretty interoffice envelope and I displayed them on my keyboard for you all to see. :-)  See, small packaged miracles really do happen, thanks to my good friend Lonna; it just pays to ask...


  1. That's funny, I was going to ask if you worked in a healthcare facility because all those supplies are available.
    However, I did not want anyone to get the idea I was saying to just take them, if you ask they are usually understanding.
    If you have a neuro floor they usually have packs of pen lights, or call stores/supplies.

  2. Thank NP, I just went to ebay and ordered a pack of 6 penlights yesterday. I didn't think to try that dept, until today. Oh well, all is good, thanks for the hint.

  3. Hope they fit... good luck on sterile gloving. Takes some getting used to and a bit of trial and error to find the perfect fit for you. The worse thing about trying to put on sterile gloves... are the ones that come inside the kits, for example the foley kit or a straight cath kit. They are so damn tiny and wrinkled!

  4. Well I'll be sure to let you know Christine, I hope they fit well too. But I only have one pair and if I open them, they're no longer sterile for when I need them, so we'll see.