Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm ready...I think?

After my first day of school I started filling out my organizer with due dates for assignments and homework.  Also I sat down with my laptop and printer and went to town on organizing my new binders I bought from the store.  Almost forgot to mention the labels I printed with my new label maker for my notebooks.  I think I'll be using that piece of equipment (label maker) more on my individual tabs within each of my binders, but I still am unsure how to divide my binders with each topic that will be covered. 
Humm.. maybe I'll go back to Estelle's 3rd installment of guides to nursing and check out how she organizes.  OR, I can check out Christine's post about organizing my binder using my label maker like she did, either way I'm in good hands with these ladies ideas. 

One of my gifts from my mother-in-law for Christmas


  1. I organized by class and then by chapter. That way when they the test is on chapters 1-26 I know right where the notes are for each class and chapter. If allowed get a recorder. Then you can watch the lecture and hear the lecture. Then later you can relisten to the lecture and take notes. You will see you learn the material better and missed a lot of important "stressed" areas when you take notes down during lecture.

  2. Thanks Christine, for your great ideas! What kind of recorder do you suggest? I have a voice recorder and I think that will be a big help, but I fear between the expected readings and my work schedule that I won't have time to relisten to the lecture. I wonder how you did it all and what ways helped to keep what you learned stuck in your head?