Friday, December 31, 2010

Stethoscope Help Needed

UGGGGGHHHHH!  I received paper work in the mail yesterday to inform me of our January orientation which will include buying a stethoscope.  I have this paper showing all the possibilities but I have NO clue which to choose.  Why is Littmann so great?  Are these prices fair or should I be competitive shopping on the Internet elsewhere?  Or my hubby's idea would be to check with the hospital and see if I can buy a discounted one. 

Humm there are so many to choose like 3M Littmann Master Cardiology for $196.50, down to 3M Littmann Lightweight II SE for $45.50.  Then there are the ones I highlighted that are combined in a "Nurse Kit" which include the stethoscope, nylon pocket organizer, scissors, chart pen, and disposable pen light with a 3 year warranty (seems like the best deal) for only $86.00.

What do you guys think?  What should I be looking for?  I don't want to get suckered because I don't know any better.  Thanks ahead of time for anyone who can help me.


  1. Littman is the best! they are expensive cuz they are worth it. i've bought cheaper stethoscopes and they didn't last very long, nor were they very good.i bought my Littman 5 years ago and havent had a problem at all. they are more sensitive too. you can hear better.

  2. Meh.

    Yes, Littman is the best, especially when you don't know WTF you're listening to.

    I'd shy away from the kits if I were you.

    Many hospitals won't let you carry scissors from room to room--infection control issue. And most have penlights or flashlights in each room (in the ICU's where it really makes the most sense to check pupils anyway.) Not to mention that the 3 year warranty sounds pretty cool, but are you even going to mess with getting it replaced?

    I used my wife's Littman Select from nursing school for my nursing school, but I recently bought my sister one for Christmas (she's going to nursing school now too.) I ordered from here:

    My $0.02. And worth every penny.

  3. CJ thanks for the advice, if yours has worked for the past 5 years I'm sure its a great brand.

    XY thanks for your every penny worth of info, I'll try and check out that website, I'm worried that even after I learn what I'm listening to I still will be shaking my head thinking WTF am I suppose to hear... haha.

  4. Another question is does it matter what color I get? Will I look any less professional with a hot pink stethoscope than with a black one?

  5. Nope, people take pride in their stethoscope colors.

  6. When we got our "You need a stethoscope" order, I came home and started googling, because I had *zero* idea what to look for. I also asked an online friend who used to be a nurse. After all that researching, I settled on a Littman Classic SE II (or something like that). It's supposedly a good middle-of-the-road stethoscope -- not an uber expensive cardio one, nor a piece of plastic like you'd find in a toy doctor kit. I got mine from Amazon...and I got a pink one, because I'm girly girl at heart :-) I also bought an ID tag for it from the local scrub shop, one that is almost impossible to remove. And it's pink too ;-)

  7. Kendra if you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for your stethoscope through Amazon including shipping?
    And then how much did you pay for the I'd tag? I was thinking of getting the same exact one you mentioned from the website that XY suggested, but it would be a better deal going the route of my school. Thanks for the heads up girl! When do you start your classes?

  8. I like the Littman....they are the best fit to the ears, the ear pieces don't fall off as easily over time, and they are more sensitive. I wish they had multiple colors when I was first working.

    Avoid the cloth covers some people have on theirs. They get dirty. Just cleaning after every patient is the best.

    I've never had my own (at work) since the hospitals have always provided them wherever I worked, and in L&D they were left in the room once I started there....

  9. I got a Littman Master Cardio which I love. However not having a separate diaphragm and bell has made my lab instructors a little perplexed. Once I got the hang of it, I loved it and I had it engraved way back in first year :)