Monday, January 17, 2011

Did someone say P90X

The start of something good comes in many different forms and for me it will be P90X with Tony Horton.  Recently I got a “copy” of all 12 DVD’s and thought why not, I’m in shape and I work out each week.  This will be a replacement for my gym time in the mornings before work and school especially in the winter when it’s too cold to drive to the gym.  Plus I’ll strengthen my legs and arms to get in perfect running shape for my summer 5K’s.  

I took the initial evaluation fitness test to see if I should even attempt P90X and the moves were challenging but worth it to see how many I can do before doing the program as opposed to after 90 days when the program is over. 
Then I progressed on to watching the whole 60 minutes of the first DVD on Chest, Shoulders and Triceps without actually doing any of the exercises.  And I didn’t get to watch the Ab Ripper X DVD yet, but it’s only an additional 15 minutes and this is JUST day one. 

All I can say is Tony Horton is one tough cookie borderline psycho, but I’m still going to do the program.  I will not do all 7 days a week because I do still want to be alive to show results (if any) and doing all 7 days would surely kill me, but I’m cool with just 3 days a week for now.

Anyone else out there doing P90X and still alive to write about it?  J


  1. Geez. The whole thing sounds terrifying. My sister is doing it now and she loves it.
    I am pretty sure I'd die if I even tried it. lol.
    But I really need to start doing something a little more intense since I have pretty much have given up sex [which was my only real form of exercise]. I've started doing some yoga and bellydancing. :)

  2. I was thinking about it after seeing the infomercials again and again.

    I know the dvd's were made a few years ago, but it really made me think it was possible when in an interview he said he was over 50.

    When are you starting?

  3. ED, you wouldn't die... you could come close but not completely. Yoga and bellydancing are awesome exercises along with just plain ole' walking outdoors too!

    NPO, my neighbor has the set and burned them for me and I downloaded the eating plan and exercise plan off the internet. So far I've done day one and only plan to do 3 workouts per week, (1 upper, 1 lower and 1 cardio) and it kicked my butt! But I love a challenge and look forward to tomorrow's cardio.

  4. Holy hannah...
    I tried this and it KICKED my BUTT.
    Even the yoga portion was intense.
    Isn't yoga supposed to be relaxing?!

  5. Callie I totally echo your question, isn't yoga suppose to be relaxing?? I guess not especially 90 minutes of it!
    Yesterday I did the plyometrics and nearly quit because of how intense the program is, but I just kept on at my own pace and finished. Tomorrow is going to be legs and back, yikes...

  6. I've done P90X, it was tough, and I'm in pretty good shape! The only thing that kinda bothers me is that Tony Horton kinda annoys me so I always choose to mute his commentary and just listen to the commands. Have you tried Insanity with Shaun T? It's more cardio focused and I seriously couldn't move after a few of the workouts.