Monday, January 24, 2011

1st day post-thoughts

Let me start by saying that I took a "midnight" sleeping pill to help me fall asleep last night because I wasn't too tired when it was time for bed.  I tossed and turned the usual amount throughout the night and then when it was time to wake up I was ready.

I showed up at my new school about half an hour prior to the start of class because my girlfriend wanted to tour around the three different floors in our school.  However, she didn't show up until about five minutes to class starting because she had to park so far away and walk a few blocks to get to our building.  I can see this walk will keep us all in shape.

The class began, with our satellite professors going over the syllabus page for page (15 in all).  This class is our seven credit nursing fundamentals class that has a lecture, lab, and clinical component.  The first half of the class we'll be doing our clinical off site at a local nursing home doing CNA work, the second half of the class we'll be focusing on acute care and my clinical group will be in the cardiac unit.

Friday will be our first lab, where we have to wear our lab coats; she told us that we would have to have 40 vitals completed by April 1st, along with many other check list types of things to show what we've learned.

After the whole class time was over with a few ice breaker type of things we were asked to get done, our class was ready to take our group photo.  BUT, two of our class members didn't even show up for class today (uh oh not a good sign for those individuals) and we were told that we would be taking the photo on Friday instead.  Jeeper's man, all that dolling up stuff I had to do to get beautiful today and no photo (thanks people who didn't show up!).

Next I drove over to my old school campus to print off my PowerPoint slides (in this new school you have to bring your own paper and I didn't have any...stupid), which were a lot of slides but now I'm set for the next two weeks.  I've also realized I'm gonna need closer to a 3" binder instead of my 1-1/2" binders that don't hold as many papers, and maybe some cool new colorful section tabs for organizing.  Yay another reason to go school supply shopping sounds good to me.

Tomorrow class doesn't start until 2:00pm, but I look forward to getting this week done and over with and to get into my groove of learning.

PS you wanna know how nerdy and excited I was today, before class I totally videotaped crossing the street to my school building for my collection of memoirs hahaha.


  1. sleepless nursing school nights! when i do get to bed before midnight on the night before clinical, the entire semester's nights are filled with nursing nightmares. lol. sounds funny, but you will know what i'm talking about. some of my clinical instructors were beasts!

  2. I wish there was something like blogging when I went through nursing school. There is so much that I have forgotton ....that I wish I remembered... :)

    It's great for a record of what you have learned.

    It will be also very good if you happen to get discouraged to read back on your impressions and fears and realize that your fears were hollow and see how much you have learned....that would give you some encouragement to keep going! :)

  3. Do you mean the chewable *midnite* tablets that taste kinda like lavender? I *LOVE* those things. Between those and unisom, I sleep like the dead...for about 6 hours. [Oh insomnia, what a cruel mistress you are.]
    I am so happy for you, doll. It is finally happening! :-D

  4. CJ, I keep praying for great clinical teachers but I know I'll have a few hard nuts to learn from. I also have a hubby who loves to go to bed at a certain time and I usually take something so I don't have troubles falling asleep.
    CC, I didn't think this blogging thing would be that important when I first started especially because of the time commitment I spend towards blogging. But I'm grateful to keep recording what happens, I just know how exciting and important it was to read other people's blogs to stay focused on my own journey. Thank you for the reminder to keep recording.
    Estelle, yes those are the tablets and they are new to me but surprisingly they work effectively. I'm super excited too, thanks for your well wishes.