Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome to Nursing School/Orientation Part II

Wednesday I had my second orientation for my nursing classes and it started from 8:30 – noon.  We gathered in the conference room / break room of our tiny satellite school campus and they had spread out on one of the tables which included mini bagels and mini strudels with yogurt, bananas and milk.  I was so nervous and all I had was milk, who couldn’t use some calcium.  Then we were handed our official name tags (that cost $9 to replace).

Next we were ushered into one of our classrooms right across the hall to hear the normal orientation stuff like who are instructors are, where are mailboxes will be, expectations of our 7 credit class, etc. etc.

After that the HR director for the hospital connected to our school who “hires every nurse at this facility” (that’s what he said) gave us a pep talk and reminded us that for every clinical we attend that we should look at it as an interview and a chance to impress prospective employers.  The director said there are managers on each floor who will be looking at our willingness to learn and our optimistic attitude for when it comes time to hire us in the future after we graduate.  He also suggested if we don’t have a job at the hospital yet to get one so we can get our foot in the door since they love to hire within the company first.

Next we were encouraged to get involved with an organization that we will be able to put on our internship applications but I’m not too sure I should get involved.  They only meet once a month but they put on and participate in so many events throughout the semester that I’m leery to join, especially since this will be my first semester of nursing classes and I’m taking honor classes so I’m not sure how hard it will be to do all of those things.

Lastly we took our student photo ids, got fitted for our uniforms, and ordered our stethoscopes which by the way I was talked out of the $45 one I thought would be just fine, instead they suggested the next model up because all the other nurses and doctors were using that kind $75 instead.  Uggh, when I told them they that they were going to break my bank account they laughed and said “welcome to nursing school”.  Hummm.
Either way, check out the uniform style and color, along with my lab coat, and stethoscope I picked in raspberry.

Our first day of class is Monday, and we will not be going to any clinicals this week, because our uniforms won’t be available, so just skill labs and lectures.  I’m thrilled and excited all at the same time.

Pants not in the right blue, but you get the idea.

Pants front and back

Top in the blue we are required to wear


Lab Coat front and back

Lab Coat

Stethoscope (Raspberry)


  1. It is true about the hiring within....that's how I got my first job...I was a student at the hospital I first worked every single hospital WITHOUT exception - that I worked at thereafter would give their students first dibs at a job IF THEY LIKED THEM. This is where it gets sticky. Good marks don't equal good nurse a good portion of the time...eagerness, willing to work, showing initiative, willing to look up stuff instead of waiting for it to be spoon fed plus being prepared will definitely get your foot in the door.
    You will appreciate the extra $25 spent on the better stethoscope....because it will save buying a better one later, esp if you find out that you can't hear as well with the cheaper one. :)
    Good luck with your studies! Maybe next year consider joining that org...better to make sure that your load isn't too much when you start off!

  2. Hey, you stole my stethoscope! ;-) I had to have some kind of purty girly color, so I went with raspberry. Everything I've read about that model says it's a rock...lasts forever.

    Enjoy your last weekend of freedom! Best of luck this semester...hope it gets off to an awesome start!

  3. CC, I pray and hope that I am not that nurse who starts off mentially thinking I'm gonna help out in ever situation and touch as much as I can only to fall short when reality hits and go hide in a hole someplace. Lol :-) Thanks for all your advice and wisdom.
    Kendra, I TOTALLY STOLE YOUR STETHOSCOPE! In fact as crazy as it sounds while picking out the color of stethoscope, your blog flashed across my mind with wanting something "girly girl". I won't even know if my raspberry color stethoscope and bright royal blue scrubs will even match, but oh well at least I'll feel cutsey~!