Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nursing class schedule for January

Starting January 24th my nursing class schedule will be the following:
(3 credit class)  Nursing: Intro to the Profession
(7 credit class)  Foundations of Nursing Practice; includes lab, lecture and clinical
(2 credit class)  Nursing: Intro to Pharmacology
12 credits total which qualify me for financial aid and I'm not interested in taking any other gen. ed. classes that I need to finish up eventually.  I thought I'd concentrate on working hard and studying this first semester on just nursing. 

I've decided to finish my paperwork regarding the Honor's program and just pull the trigger on it already.  I always seem to have self doubt about important steps like these but when all is said and done, I usually pull through just fine.  So why not take the opportunity and see what I'm made of and see if I can really accomplish the work needed to stay at the level of Honors. 

Also I was included on a massive email for an end of semester holiday party with my nursing school buddies.  I don't really think I should go because I haven't actually taken any nursing classes this semester (just gen. ed.'s), but I still am considered a nursing student, so why not right?  I was given the invite via email, so maybe I will.  Maybe it will be a good chance to get to know my other co-nursing students.


  1. you should go! its nice to get an idea of what to expect, from students have gone through it. that first semester was'll set the pace for the rest of the program. good luck!

  2. you should go! It's fun to get together and get to know the others and share stories and just socialize. :) I don't see why not! Consider it "prep" for January...
    I jumped into the RN program in second year (access program from LPN into RN: challenged first year) and missed out a lot on the socialization and never really felt a part of my class....I would say they would want you there! :)

  3. Yep, definitely go :) it will make group projects so much nicer...