Monday, December 20, 2010

Refresh Button

Uggh, how many times can my finger keep hitting tapping the refresh button on my school's website that shows the grades from the classes I took this semester? 
I'm annoyed with the fact that I keep doing it, but I want to know so badly how I did.  I mainly want to know how I did on my Soc final from last Friday, but no grades are posted yet.  I figure even though the professor may have finals today and tomorrow for other classes he teaches and even though according to the school the teachers have one full week to post their students' final grades, I still can't help but think this teacher is different than the rest and probably came in on the weekend just to post our classes grades.  (yea right, in my dreams)

Here's how I think my final grades will pan out being:

Gym : A- (well the teacher walked by on Friday as I was in the hall and he does the double guns hand gesture and points at me and says " A-" then winks and walks off.{c-mon people don't think anything, he's like 80 and needs to retire, either way it was nice to hear my grade.})

Communications: A (She totally loved me in her class; full participation credit and I will be rocking that one with an A confidently.)

Philosophy: A (Now this one class has been a difficult journey as far as putting my own personal viewpoints aside for the sake of learning and I think I did pretty well in his class.  At midterm I got an A-, but I think this last paper will put me over the edge into the A range.  {He liked our whole Existentialism class so much, he's invited us to his house tomorrow night for dinner...humm this is where I get my chance to ask him where he really stands with his faith...I look forward to it and can't wait.  No topic is going to be off limits!})

Sociology:  B- (the class wasn't difficult but the exams kicked my butt.  I super suck at multiple choice and always go with what I think is the right answer and then I shoot myself in the foot, because I end up picking the wrong answer.  Uggh, will I ever grow past that way of testing??)

Statistics:  B- (however I figured with all my homework assignments and testing to date, if I get 70 or higher on my final exam {which trust me will be hard work) I could walk out of that class with a B, so let’s get to praying I can prove, I know more than I think I do on this cumulative final.  :-)})

I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Thanks XY it wasn't as stressful as last semester but I'm glad its over. Stats sucked, but now I'm done and I can kick back and enjoy myself. I'm working today and it feels odd that I don't have a ton of homework to do. :-) Have a fabulous Christmas with your family and a good New Year too!