Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nursing Tamale Christmas Lunch

I got my lab coat, and a butt load of school books about 6 of them so far and that's half of what I'm going to need for my first semester alone!  I will blog about all that later.

BUT, I just thought I'd cut out some of my studying time to tell you all how my Christmas party luncheon went yesterday at my nursing school.
It started out well; I met my friend (and fellow co-student) at the school right on time for the start of the lunch at 10:30am.  The school was serving tamales (I wasn't sure how it tasted because I was too nervous to eat something heavy) with sides of sour cream, diced tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, black olives, but I chose to eat just a few baby carrots with an M&M cookie and some holiday punch.
We sat at this huge rectangle table in the "conference/break room" and I was just in awe of everyone around me.  These students all looked comfortably dressed, relaxed with easy banter and laughter rang throughout the room.  I have to say I was intimidated because while my friend and I were given invitations to this party we were the only two that showed up from our future class coming into the program for next semester.  No one else came but us, and a few times we got some weird looks from the other students. 
I saw another girlfriend of mine that is graduating the program this semester and she spots me from across the room and shouts out "Hey, why are you here?"  Now this came across totally friendly but in the back of my mind I'm thinking why did you just say that in front of all these people??  So in a friendly way I shout back out to her, "Because I was invited."  That answer got her to smiling big and she came over to me and we chit chatted for a while.  I tried my best to "network" with her friends and to see what their future plans were and the techniques they're using to get noticed for possible jobs, but everyone kept shoving their faces with food.  So the moment was passed up by their busy schedules needing to rush off to other engagements. 
My friend and I continued eating quietly and then from out of nowhere in a southern drawl quite loudly a lady approached us saying "now where are y'all from, I haven't seen you two before, you don't look familiar."
We introduced ourselves and she told us she was one of our instructors for our Nrsg-240 (7 credit) class.  Yikes, I kept thinking "gotta make a good impression, gotta make a good impression", then I thought I wonder how long she's been eyeing us and what all has she heard us talking about?  She was totally nice and easy going and the other students seemed to like her.  So if that was the only impression I made that day, I'm glad I went, oh and the M&M cookie was scrumptious. 


  1. wow. Not what I would expect. You would think if you got an invitation, *someone* would have been aware....esp the instructor! Hopefully they are a little more organized with the classes! yikes.
    Sounds like you did well though. :)
    btw, love your background design on your blog. I am blogging about Rudolph tomorrow. Getting into the xmas spirit so to speak!

  2. Don't get me wrong CC, the assistant dean knew we were coming and so did her secretary. I just don't think the rest of the classes or instructors read who all were invited on the mass email.
    Thanks for the compliment on the background, my hubby helped by picking it out for me. Can't wait to read your posting.

  3. aaahhh! Still, it really shows who actually reads the communications. Or perhaps it goes to show that we are on information overload when it comes to emailing. I know I have been guilty of not reading *entire* emails......(or just deleting without reading at all!)


  4. Total information overload! I'm guilty of not reading or deleting too unless its huge font, and even then I may not catch it. :-)

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