Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Manufacturers new editions are awfully expensive

Over a year ago my original plan for the future regarding nursing school was to get my ADN through a tech school here in town so that I could move along in the program at a faster rate.  Unfortunately by the time I finished my required classes so I could start the nursing program, there was a waiting list (Spring 2012). 
So after much contemplating and discussing with my husband I chose the route of getting my BSN and working on my required classes for their program, just so I could start the nursing program ahead of the time expected through the tech school's waiting list by one year (Spring 2011). 
While I was in the tech school I had a friend who was graduating and willing to donate all of her nursing books to me last spring (March 2010).  Now somewhere along the road of stupidity crossing over with dim-wittedness I accepted this offer of books thinking I would someday need them.  After realizing that I wasn't going through the program at the tech school, I still thought these books would be needed in my university classes.
This past week I realized the curriculum followed by the university and the tech school are completely different and this collection of books that were given to me would be useless for my schooling (as far as needed text books for classes).
Yesterday I stopped at the tech school, with a wagon to hold all of these books in hopes of returning them to the buyback program, only to find out that the majority of the books are all off by one edition and the current program won't use them, and they didn’t need any of the books I walked in there with.  OH MY GOODNESS, really people???
How can one individual pay hundreds of dollars for books one semester and within moments those books are no longer "good" anymore? 
I've gotta say that I wasn't in that good of mood.  I was hoping for a little extra spending money for my next set of books that I need to purchase. 
Anyone have any suggestions of what I'm to do with all these books?


  1. It is a good business, for them! They hardly change anything in the book and get to charge people to buy new ones.

    I stopped buying new books and rent them now, it's a lot cheaper because most you will never use again. They send them to you and at the end of the quarter or semester it's free to send them back.

    You can google college book rentals, there are many companies, even Barnes & Noble, so shop around for a good price. You can usually print the syllabus online before the class to see what books you need.

  2. What an excellent idea NPO, I'll have to try that, I've never heard of doing that before. What a great way of showing those companies a thing or two.

  3. College bookstore in general (not just with nursing school) are in the habit of doing this.
    My best advice is to try to sell them on Ebay. Some other unfortunate nursing student will be very happy to buy from you and save the money that the campus bookstore would charge. :-)

  4. Post-sec books are a crime. This year I didn't purchase a single one. The library has all the slightly-behind editions and most of the new editions as well. $1k in my pocket? yes please!

  5. Dominique - It does suck big time! :-)
    ED - I have over 30 books and think it would take too much time to seel them online and I'm not sure I'll come out ahead, but thank you tons for the advice.
    Undergrad - REALLY? I'm not sure if my library has the books I'm looking for... but an extra grand would be sweet! Triple yes!