Sunday, December 12, 2010

1st semester books part 1

I have three classes my first semester for the nursing program that starts on Jan. 24th.  I wrote earlier that my girlfriend A is graduating and offered to sell me her books that were current and being used this next semester for a reasonable dollar amount.  I thought great, seeing as though the total amount of books will be 12, with one i-clicker, and a supply pack if purchased through the bookstore would be over $700, and approx. $500 or so from Amazon, will only cost me around $350.

Here is the list of my books that I bought from my friend:
Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis

Taber's Cyclopedic Med Dict Index

Understand Nursing Process-w/ Pocketbook

Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses

Drug Calculations w/CD

Physical Exam +Health Assessment w/CD

Clinical Nursing Skills-Basic to Advanced w/CD

List of books that I need to purchase:
Essentials of Nursing Research w/CD  ISBN:9780781781534
Professional Nursing  (This one is a rental and I can get for free at the bookstore)
APA 6th Edition for paper writing ISBN 9781433805615
Physical Exam + Health Lab Manual ISBN 9781416038535
Pharmacology textbook and workbook package ISBN 9781437706055
and last but not least:
Student Medical Supply Kit (but I heard this consists of some sterile gloves, a pen light, and paper tape measure, I was told to buy each item separate from Walgreen's and it will be much cheaper than the bookstore price)
Oh and also I got a lab coat, here is a picture of it:
If you couldn't tell...I can not wait to START!!! AHHH!
I will update you all on the remainder of the books after I purchase them.

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