Sunday, October 3, 2010

Confusing Comunicator

I recently received a graded paper back from my Existentialism professor and I was pretty disturbed with the comments left on the back page.  He wrote something to the effect that "I get what you were trying to write about, but you are trying to sound too philosophic and it's just coming off confusing.  Next time I want you to write more clearly, concise and get to the point." 
WHAT?  Oh no, I was pretty upset when I got this comment back, because it's only our 2nd paper in the class and he already was seeing me this way.  Which explains why I excused myself to the bathroom to wipe my tears.  What am I doing letting this teacher get to me this way.  I took what he said personally mainly because unfortunately a bit of this is true.  I would love to know how I can become more polished, direct and eloquent when speaking and writing.  I feel like I should come with some apology stuck to my forehead and an interpreter to convey to others what I'm really saying.  I had better toughen up and get this figured out before I become a nurse.

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  1. Tightening up your writing is simply a matter of editing. You might pick up a book about writing, it's something almost every writer struggles with. I would imagine your spoken dialogue would tighten up as well when you address the first. Good luck!