Saturday, October 16, 2010

First of two Nursing School Orientations

On Wednesday, I had my first of two orientations for the nursing program that I'll be starting in January.  We arrived at our meeting room and funniest thing, as we all took our seats we started summing each other up.  I don't know if it was first impression judgements, and maybe I was doing it, but I would look at someone and say "yup they're the outgoing one", or " that's the shy one". 
Even though our class size has capacity to hold 16 students, we only have 13 females and one male.  Then we had our instructor ask us to put our name tags on, grab the student handbook and away we flew for two hours listening to the rules and expectations of us students.  We listened to the dress code, the uniform policy, even the no nail polish/short nail rule that I must say makes me a little sad knowing that I won't be able to participate in wearing nail polish as often as I'd like.  We heard about upholding a high reputation in the community and not to display ourselves in a bad light, that we should be proud of our status being apart of the system of schools, it was motivating.
Then it was time to eat pizza in the student lounge and we went around the room introducing ourselves and learning the other students names.  There were a few students closer to graduating that came and talked to us and asked us to ask them all of our nitty gritty questions.  This threw us all off, because we were putting our prim and proper game faces on and to let down our guard didn't feel right at that moment.  It didn't take long for questions to start going around though.  It was nice to share and hear some stories from these experienced nursing students. 
I left the orientation ready for more, I can not wait to go to the second orientation scheduled in January before classes begin, to pick up uniform, patches, medical kit, and order stethoscope.
What made me the most happy of the evening was when our instructor referred to us not as pre-nursing students but finally as nursing students.  Wow, how important did we all feel at that moment, I could have shed a tear if I thought into it more. 
Originally I had been on the fence about the Honor's program but after the orientation, I'm going to give it my best shot.


  1. Sweet. Now you're making progress. :) Small class!

  2. I liked this post. :) It took me back to my student years. Mind you, they didn't do all these prep classes...we just started attending. Probably prep would have been a great idea.....