Sunday, October 24, 2010

4 out of 5 ain't bad.

As of Thursday evening I had five assignments to finish this weekend while I've been at work.  Thanks again Lord for blessing me with a job where I can do my homework at the same time!!
Gym Class:  I had to write a paper regarding a diet evaluation, picking any popular diet out on the market and write about the pros and cons and nutritional value etc due Monday morning.  I chose Weight Watchers because, I've personally been a member in the past losing 31 pounds through the two years that I was doing it.  So I felt I had this covered and knocked it out Thursday afternoon.
Statistics:  I had about 12 problems to work on due Tuesday regarding the different approaches with Sampling like convenience, voluntary, and random.  Knocked that out shortly after the diet paper was written on Thursday.
Soc/Race/Ethnicity:  I had 3 journal entries to type up covering three chapters of our book we're reading for class called Sidewalk by Duneier due Monday.  The book is pretty interesting which makes writing easier.  I rocked that throughout my Friday and my work day yesterday Saturday.
Interpersonal Communication:  My most fav class soo far!!!  Had to write a paper responding to my thoughts on Chapter 7 regarding "Listening: More than Meets the Ear" due Monday.  Pretty easy because the professor appreciates my writing in her class and doesn't pick it apart like some other professors!  Knocked that outta the park through my workday today Sunday.
Going home soon and will be studying for my test for Soc class tomorrow, going to do the practice tests online and flash-cards through the terms.
Only assignment I didn't touch this weekend is the dreaded Existentialism paper due Tuesday.  Regarding the Existentialist Rilke.  Not thrilled to write this paper, but after my Soc test on Monday I plan to dig right in and get to writing so I can turn it in on time.
Hey 4 out of 5 ain't bad!

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