Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodies yay goodies!

This was the second year I helped out being a captain in my department at work for the United Way program.  I totally always think this is a great organization and during the summer when we're asked to be captains for the fall I usually am eager to help.  This past summer was no different but as the time rolled on to starting the campaigns I was not as enthused, because it happened right as my semester was starting.  Now I multitask like the next person, but my heart certainly wasn't in it as it should've been. 
I missed the kick off breakfast because it was scheduled on a day I didn't work, (with only working Friday night, Saturday and Sunday I tend to miss a lot of important gatherings).  I also missed the wrap-up finishing breakfast to say thank you to all the captains who volunteered their time.  All in all the whole campaign came in like a lion and left like a lamb. 
Last Friday my boss came up to me to tell me that my name was chosen in a drawing from the wrap-up breakfast and I won a few goodies.  I was soo thrilled to get my goodies.  From the looks of it, the gift bag and goodies might've been a left over from a golf outing, but I was pleased just the same.  So I got a sling back pack, two sets of golf balls, a golf towel (with company logo on most of these items which is why I turned some over), hand sanitizer, first aid kit in plastic container, dual sunscreen/lip balm in the same holder, and a mini golf bag that had a ran poncho (which I'm sure could come in handy for future rain days {HAHA XY}).  How sweet!  I felt excited that my time was well appreciated with the random drawing that I won.  Thanks United Way.  Thanks work! 

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